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Kingdom of Dracadia (WIP)

The Kingdom of Dracadia is a feudal monarchy. The states of the Kingdom are divided up into domains and fiefdoms. Domains are the direct fiefs of the monarch, and the lesser fiefdoms are plots of land granted to Lords/Ladies of the nobility in exchange for fealty to the monarch.

Dracadia has a robust agrarian society and economy, as the many peasants have developed a base of expertise in cottage industries and producing goods for the nobility. Artisans exist, whom are especially exceptional peasants that have risen slightly above their station through merit of mastering a craft to benefit the realm.

Mercantile capitalism exists in the Dracadian market. The general population are allowed to buy/sell whatever goods (that aren't owed to the nobility) they produce. Companies can exist under license from the Crown, subject to the laws of the monarch and the noble councils, with the Crown's laws taking precedence.