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Yesterday I said I banned breathing! This is true! Here is how it will be enforced, if you open your mouth for any reason but to eat the 2 bread crumbs I generously give to you slaves you will be hung on the spot! Also if you are jogging keep that obnoxious breath silent I donít want to hear it, the cops donít want to hear it, and most importantly we would look like we are not enforcing are laws good enough for dearest leader Menta Lee IL! If you smell anything and I mean absolutely anything this includes my beautiful smelling feet your nose will be cut off and I will behead you! Now the government is above the law so we can still breathe but not for slaves! Also you slaves have not flush that toilet yet I set up for Earth Day, if itís not gone by morning I will start a mass ďpurification!Ē Thatís all for now.