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The Constitution of Auralia

Governing document of Auralia and Auralian territory.


Section I: Membership & Citizenship

I. A member is defined as:
  1. A nation residing in the region of "Auralia".

II. A citizen is defined as:

  1. A member who has formally applied for and received citizenship status.

Section II: Citizen Rights

I. Citizens of Auralia have the following rights:
  1. Right to freely vote in the World Assembly.

  2. Right to freely run their nation

  3. Right to converse on the Regional Message Board

  4. Right to vote in polls and elections

  5. Right to campaign for governing positions, except when:

    • Said citizen is inactive

      • "Inactive" being defined as more than 1 week (7 days) since the last activity

    • Said citizen is also a member of an enemy region during a time of war

    • Said citizen may pose an immediate or imminent threat to regional security

Section III: The Tribunal

I. The Tribunal shall consist of three seats, all with a sub-seat appointed by the main seat:
  1. The Sovereign/Founder, who shall serve an unlimited term.

  2. The Guardian/World Assembly Delegate, who shall be elected by the citizens via endorsement, serve an unlimited term, or until the citizens elect a new Guardian, oversee all World Assembly affairs, and run the elections as described within this document.

II. The sub-seats are as follows:

  1. The Regent, who shall be appointed by the Sovereign/Founder, who may also serve an unlimited term until retiring or unappointed by the sovereign.

  2. The Vice Delegate, who shall be appointed by the Guardian/World Assembly Delegate, who serves until removal by any sitting delegate. Only the sitting Guardian/World Assembly Delegate may remove the Vice Delegate.

III. Any nation in The Tribunal, including sub-seats, may propose and vote on additional (in-character) regional law or domestic treaties that does not invalidate any part of this document, alter the structure of the government, or remove/add members to the Tribunal.

Section IV: The Council of Sages

I. The Council of Sages shall consist of three seats elected by citizens who serve a three month term, and one sub-seat that serves the same term. Each Sage has limited powers by themselves, but has those powers extended through obtaining a 3/3 vote in the council, to grant the council temporary powers as detailed below.
  1. The Sage of Interregional affairs who shall, who shall be elected by the citizens, maintain communications and friendly relations with embassy regions and represent Auralia abroad.

  2. The Sage of Regional Affairs, who shall be elected by the citizens, to maintain Auralia's activity and well-being by planning and executing community events.

  3. The Sage of Roleplay, who shall be elected by the citizens, to boost regional activity and morale, and plan and execute special regional events and RPs.

  4. The Scribe, who shall be appointed by consensus among the Council of Sages, who serves the same term as them, and will be tasked with keeping record of citizenship, votes on regional law, and votes among the Council of Sages.

II. With a 3/3 unanimous vote of the Council of Sages, they may do the following:

  1. Sentence a nation to a punishment after being convicted guilty of a violating regional law. (Note: the convicted nation may appeal to the Sovereign)

  2. Establish a treaty with a friendly region

  3. Declare war on an enemy region (requires assent of the Sovereign)

  4. Pass an executive order (Note: Nations may appeal to the Sovereign if they believe the EO isn't fair)

  5. If there is something not on this list that the Council of Sages wishes to do with a unanimous vote, they may do so with the assent of the Sovereign

Section V: Founder/Sovereign Powers

I. The founder/sovereign has the power and responsibility to protect Auralia.

II. The founder may freely alter WA Delegate and Regional Officer access to regional controls without any justification, under such situations as, but not limited to:

  1. An immediate threat to Auralia is made

  2. A Delegate or RO abuses his or her power

III. The founder may freely appoint the Regent and any other nation to an office with the description of his choice.

IV. The founder dictates military policy and is the highest commander of the defense forces. Only he or she may release region-wide defense orders

VI. The founder may freely utilize the regional controls

VII. The founder may ban, eject, or banject any nation at any time for any reason

VIII. The founder may freely approve and deny citizenship

Section VI: World Assembly Delegate/Guardian Powers

I. The Guardian has the power and responsibility to protect Auralia from foreign and internal aggression. He or she shall oversee and maintain the region's community, and oversee all World Assembly affairs and run all elections as described within this document.

II. The Guardian may ban members without seeking permission from the founder provided said nation:

  1. Has violated NationStates rules (such as multiing, spamming, or threatening other region members) and has received a warning without showing signs of ceasing

  2. Has posted advertisement spam to recruit for another region on the Regional Message Board of Auralian or its allies, colonies, or territory

  3. Solid evidence indicates that said nation has been leaking information (out-of character) to enemy factions, organizations, militias, regions, or nations

  4. Said nation has shown repetitive or moderate to high levels of disrespect towards the government, its members, citizens or members of Auralia, or the region's allies

III. The Guardian may appoint a Vice Delegate which can be any Auralian citizen in the World Assembly.

IV. The Guardian may freely vote in the World Assembly on all General Assembly proposals and Security Council Commendations/Condemnations, however the WA Delegate must consult the Sovereign before voting on all Security Council Liberation proposals in order to act in the best interests of Auralia

V. There is no endorsement limit or cap in Auralia, so the Guardian/Delegate can be elected or unelected at any given time, and for any duration of time. The members and citizens of the region's community may freely give, exchange, and remove endorsements from each other, with no limit on the number of endorsements that may be reached.

VI. If the founder ceases to exist for more than 12 days, the Guardian must transition the delegacy to the Regent. The Regent then becomes the new Sovereign in the Delegate seat, serving an unlimited term (unless the founder returns), and the Guardian position will be through a Regional Officer instead of the Delegacy. The Guardian and Sage seats will no longer be World Assembly-based seats unless the founder returns and the original government structure is reestablished.

VII. Should the Guardian go inactive or abuse his/her powers (in a way that does not result in banjection from the region by the Sovereign), the citizens can unendorse the Guardian and endorse a new nation at any time to elect the nation as the new Guardian. If they fail to give the new nation enough endorsements, the sitting delegate remains Guardian.

Section VII: Regent Powers

I. The Regent is to aid the Sovereign in the upkeep, organization, management, and commanding of the region.

II. The Regent cannot issue region-wide defense orders without permission from the Sovereign.

III. The Regent may accept and deny citizenship applications.

Section VIII: Scribe Powers

I. The Scribe shall advise and aid the Council of Sages in the recording and upkeeping of regional law.

II. The Scribe shall take a Sage's place if the Sage is removed from office via motion to vote from a citizen and a regional poll taking place, or if a Sage resigns during his/her term.

III. If the Scribe takes the office of a Sage, the Council of Sages will unanimously select an active and interested citizen to serve as the new Scribe.

Section IX: Elections

I. The elections will be coordinated by the Sovereign. The Sovereign may delegate election coordination to the Regent or an active citizen if he wishes.

II. All elections for Sage of Interregional Affairs are to take place on the 23th day of the month in June, September, December, and March, and shall last two days (with exception to the December election, which shall take place on the 15th and last until the 17th. The term shall still begin on January 1st). Elections shall last until the 25th day of the month and the new Sage of IA is to take office on the 1st day of the next month. The election should take place through the Regional Poll system built into NationStates, and should be limited to residents only. Only citizen votes will be counted in the final tally.

III. Following the same process outlined in Section II, the Sage of Regional Affairs and Sage of Roleplay shall be elected. The Sage of RA elections shall take place on the 25th day of the month, and last until the 27th. The Sage of RP elections shall begin on the 28th day of the month and last until the 30th.