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The United Cartographers' Front

"Without geography, you're nowhere!"
-Jimmy Buffett

The United Cartographers' Front (UCF) is a political party within the residing region, and represents all of the region's cartographers, be they experienced mappers or new beginners. One does not need to be a cartographer to join this party, but knowledge about how to make a map, even in MS Paint, is recommended.

What do we stand for?

We fight for the freedom of expression through Cartography, the art of map-making.

  • We allow members of all ideological and political backgrounds, provided they respect the other members' freedom of speech.

  • We are supporters of the status quo in the region.

  • We can provide regional maps should our help ever be needed.

  • We are fighting for the freedom of speech of historians and map makers.

Party Structure:

The head of the party is the Chairman, a permanent position reserved for the founder of the Party. Then follows a Council of the People, of which each member is part of, which together decide the actions the Party takes within a region.

The Party has multiple branches spread around NationStates, but the Party's HQ resides in The United Empires of Carson

Member list:

If you want to join,
Telegram Kaidokrai

We have our own discord, Linkhere!