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THF Constitution


ARTICLE I-Statement of Purpose: Fleeing the tyranny of a region destroyed, we found solace in our own This constitution shall outline the founding principles of the Region of The Hope Federation, and the guidelines for future leaders and citizens. Specifically, it aims for the following:
-To establish a region where modern, realistic RP can grow and people have fun

-To have free, democratic elections for leadership -To defend the rights of its citizens against all forms of tyranny and oppression -To provide asylum for those whose regions have been destroyed by raiding or dictators

ARTICLE II-Outlined Rights & Responsibilities of Hope Federation Citizens
1. No nation shall be discriminated against on basis of any ideology. This shall include more controversial types such as communists, fascists, or theocrats.
2. The right of nations to free speech, in the RMB and on other regional forums, will be upheld and protected. Certain forms of speech may be suppressed if they are detrimental to the region. This shall include hate speech, harassment, spam, recruiting messages, or other disruptive speech.
3. The right of nations to vote in fair and free elections for President and other positions of power, and on legislation will be upheld and protected. The right for any citizen to run for a position will also be upheld within certain guidelines (outlined in articles III, VI, VII)
4. The right of nations to freely engage in RP, within certain guidelines, shall be upheld and protected(outlined in article IV)
5. Nations charged with primary offenses(outlined in article V) are entitled to the following rights: a. The right to be made aware of the charges against them and of their rights b. The right to protection against self-incrimination c. The right to submit a writ of habeas corpus d. The right to a speedy trial, taking place within 1 IRL week or less following being charged of a crime e. The right to an open trial by a fair, unbiased jury of other citizens, and to legal representation during the trial f. The right to accept a plea deal, and conversely the right to refuse a plea deal and protection against being forced into one g. The right to protection against double jeopardy h. The right to protection against excessive or unreasonable punishment i. The right to appeal a conviction after 1 IRL week.
6. The right of nations to freely move in and out of the Region of The Hope Federation shall be upheld and protected, except as limited by immigration laws or during emergency situations.
7. The right of nations to seek asylum from raiders will be upheld and protected. 8. The right of nations to settle civil disputes through a neutral government arbitrator shall be upheld and protected. In return, nations in the Region of The Hope Federation agree by means of social contract to their obligation to the following responsibilities: To not engage in spamming, unlawful recruitment, or harassment To obey all laws and regulations of The Hope Federation To not engage in any raider activities, or unsanctioned defender activities To remain active in the region to the best of their ability To comply with conscription orders should they be enacted To comply with jury duty orders To refrain from having sockpuppets in the region

ARTICLE III-Positions of Powers & Government Structure:
1. Etheinia shall be recognized as the regional founder of The Hope Federation
2. Etheinia will be granted full executive power for the first three IRL days after enactment of this constitution. After this, Etheinia will rescind their powers to the President-Elect.
3. Etheinia will be granted full emergency executive powers in the following situations: a. Raiding attempt b. Extreme nation loss(less than 4 nations in region) c. Resignation or impeachment of the President d. Violation of the Constitution by the incumbent government.
4. Regional founder is not an impeachable position. However, they may be ordered to rescind their emergency powers after 2 IRL days by a ¾ majority vote by the cabinet.
5. The elected President will be inaugurated to their office and granted executive powers within 1 IRL day after the election.
6. The following positions are to compose the cabinet:
a. RP Secretary
b. Foreign Affairs Minister
c. Immigration & Customs Officer
d. Public Relations Minister
e. Cartographer

ARTICLE IV: RP Guidelines:
1. Nations who are inactive for more than 7 days will be removed from the map. Nations who are going to be inactive for an extended period can file a request with the Director of the Department of Cartography for a 12-day extension.
2. The RP year is set as the current IRL year. Nations must not have a technology level above that of the current year. All military equipment and other technology must be realistic for the current year.
3. Nations can only have 3% of their population as military personnel, including Active and Reserve forces. An additional 2% of a nation's population may be drafted into service during wartime only. The total number on regular forces is capped at 100 million troops in total.
4. Paramilitaries, militias, and other irregular forces will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
5. The size and equipment of a nation’s military must be in line with their defense expenditures, which in turn must be in line with the percentage of defense spending out of their total nation budget.
6. Equipment caps are as follows: a. Limit of 4500 naval vessels b. Limit of 100,000 fixed-wing aircraft.
7. Space Tech will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and should be in line with a nation’s scientific advancement
8. The Department of RP Administration has authority to audit defense budgets, issue warnings and press charges against godmodders, and enforce court orders to correct RP violations.
9. A nation is not allowed to relocate or exchange land during a conflict with another nation. 10. If a nation fails to respond to a war post in a period of 2 days, they surrender by default. The opposing party then has the right to conduct a treaty and specify their terms, to which the surrendering party MUST agree on.

ARTICLE V-Criminal Law & Prosecution:
1. The following crimes are considered primary offenses and those charged with them are entitled to all rights as outlined in Article II, Section 5:
a. Sockpuppeting
b. Repeated godmodding after warning(2 or more uncorrected incidents)
c. RP violations not corrected after warning
d. Repeated use of disruptive speech after warning(3 or more incidents)
e. Election Fraud
f. Impeding a government official
g. Obstruction of Justice
h. Submitting false information to the government
i. Failure to comply with conscription orders
j. Perjury
k. Failure to Appear
l. Contempt of Court
m. Probation/Court Order Violation
2. The following crimes are NOT considered primary offenses. Those committing them may be ejected/banned immediately by government officials if they have reasonable suspicion:
a. Violation of immigration laws
b. Using a sockpuppet to evade a conviction or ban
c. Raiding activities, including conspiracy with raiding individuals/regions
d. Spam or unlawful recruiting
3. A trial shall consist of a judge, prosecutor, the defendant and their defense lawyer, a jury consisting of 3-5 selected citizens, approved witnesses if present, and a bailiff.
4. An individual charged may be temporarily ejected and banned prior to trial if they are considered a risk within the region. However, the nation ejected must be made aware of their rights to habeas corpus and their duty to attend the trial, and be admitted back in when the trial begins.
5. Judges may issue a bench warrant for the arrest and charging of citizens who do not show up for jury duty and fail to have a proper excuse for why.
6. Both the defense and prosecution may present evidence and examine/cross-examine witnesses approved by the court.
7. The judge has power to block time-wasting measures or attempts to mislead the jury by either side. However, these actions may be subject to review.
8. The jury has IRL 1 hour to deliberate and decide to convict or acquit. Simple majority is required for either.
9. In the result of a hung jury or mistrial, a new trial must be held within 1 IRL week.
10. The judge is has the power to decide the punishment for those convicted of primary offenses, but their actions are subject to review and must be compliant with Article II, Section 5.
11. Punishments for crimes are as follows: Temporary regional ban(2 days to 1 month), Permanent regional ban, Temporary RP ban(2 days to 1 month), loss of voting privileges, court order to correct RP violations, probation(1 week to 3 months) 12. All regulations pertaining to trials also apply to appeals.

ARTICLE VI-Regarding Elections:
1. The President is to hold a term of office for one IRL month. The election for president is to be held on the last day of the month, and the winner of the election is to be announced within two days of the election being held(to allocate time for counting absentee ballots)
2. Elections for President shall be handled by the Electoral Commision.
3. Those who are not on the map or have lost voting privileges by criminal conviction are not allowed to vote.
4. No one President may hold office for more than four terms total.
5. Campaigning for president is only to be held on the last week of the month.
6. Candidates for President may be part of a party or independent.
7. The incumbent President is automatically a candidate unless they have already served four terms or state that they will not run.
8. Any person wishing to run for president must provide notice to the Electoral Commission, Department of Internal Affairs, and the regional founder at least 1 week prior to the vote
9. A limit of six candidates for each Presidential election shall be enforced
10. The candidate who gets a simple majority(50%+1) of the vote shall be the winner of the election
11. If no candidate gains more than 50% of the vote, a runoff election must be held within 2 IRL days
12. Absentee ballots must be submitted no later than 1 IRL day after the initial election.

ARTICLE VII-Regarding Legislation:
1. Any citizen or official may submit legislation to the Department of Internal Affairs for review. If it follows regulations, it will be approved and go to vote.
2. Legislation has to be written in clear, understandable English, and have some form of operative clause and enforceability.
3. Legislation must not violate any part of the constitution.
4. Legislation must not violate or interfere with national sovereignty, including in RP.
5. Votes on legislative proposals shall be handled by the Electoral Commision.
6. If legislation receives ⅔ majority of the vote, it will go to the president to be signed or vetoed. A veto can be overturned by a ¾ majority vote.
7. Proposals to repeal legislation are to be submitted to the Department of Internal Affairs for review. Repeal proposals must receive a ¾ majority for repeal to take effect.
8. If a proposal fails to be voted into law, it can only be re-submitted to the Department of Internal Affairs after a period of 1 IRL week.
9. If a proposal is rejected because of rule violations, they must be corrected before the proposal can be resubmitted.

ARTICLE VIII-Regarding Impeachment & Removal from Power:
1. The following crimes are impeachable offenses:
a. Undermining regional security, or conspiracy to do so
b. Election Fraud
c. Bribery
d. Obstruction of Justice
e. Perjury
f. Willful and repeated failure to fulfill duties
g. Gross violation of the constitution
2. Clear evidence that any of the above have been committed by the President or any cabinet member are grounds to begin investigation. Anyone with such evidence will be encouraged to anonymously submitted to the regional founder and/or the Department of Justice and Security
3. If sufficient evidence of wrongdoing is gathered, the cabinet(excluding any member under suspicion) will be directed to hold an initial vote on whether to begin the impeachment process. A ⅔ majority vote by the cabinet is required to begin the impeachment process.
4. If the cabinet votes to begin the impeachment process, a hearing lasting 3 IRL days will be held by members of the cabinet to review evidence and conduct interviews. After the hearing concludes, both a public and a cabinet votes will be held. If a ⅔ majority is reached by the cabinet and a simple majority is reached by the citizens to convict, the accused party will be impeached and removed from power.
5. An impeached president/cabinet member shall be indefinitely barred from holding office. They may also be tried for additional criminal offenses after being removed.
6. The powers of an accused President/cabinet member shall be temporarily suspended from the beginning of the impeachment process to their conviction or acquittal. The regional founder may also issue an emergency injunction suspending their powers in the event of severe constitutional violations.

ARTICLE IX-Amending the Constitution:
1. A proposal to amend the constitution is to be submitted to the Department of Internal Affairs. They are subject to the same regulations as legislative proposals
2. Votes on amendment proposals shall be handled by the Electoral Commision
3. If an amendment proposal receives ¾ of the vote, it becomes part of the constitution
4. If an amendment proposal fails to be voted into law, it can only be re-submitted to the Department of Internal Affairs after a period of 1 IRL week.
5. Constitutional amendments cannot be repealed. A new amendment is required to override an older one.

ARTICLE X-Miscellaneous Sections and Amendments:
1. Conscription, when deemed necessary, shall be enacted through mutual agreement between the President and the regional founder.
2. Conscription is to be used for defense against raiding and to liberate occupied regions. As the Hope Federation is not a formal defender region, this shall be used as sparingly as possible and only when absolutely necessary
3. Conscription forces are to be disbanded after 1 IRL week.
4. The regional founder shall be in charge of government-regulated recruitment and the hiring of recruiters 5. If a cabinet is unable to perform their duties because of inactivity, their position will be temporarily filled by another person.