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by The Social-Democracy of The Quil Empire. . 3 reads.

Wanted: Stolen Quil Imperian Ships

Two Quil Imperian cargo vessels, as of recently, have gone missing at sea. At this moment, they are believed to be under the acquisition of pirate or insurgent forces, for no wreckages of the Federway-class ships could be located in Imperian seas.

The crafts in question are the QIF Fairwinds and the QIF Swifty. Any information leading to their locations will be rewarded with 750 Feders. The Quil Empire is also still searching for the museum piece QIF Rosethorn, believed to have been stolen nearing the end of the Imperial Civil War.

In addition, any leads on Die Feder Piraten fleet commanders, or "Cap'n Moxx" herself will be rewarded with 2000 Feders. Happy hunting!

Edit: All search parties are to be called off. The ships in question are commandeered by Die Feder Piraten, and are non-retrievable as of now. Thank you. -Representative Marianne "Moz" Federin