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Demographics of New Vedan

Ethnic groups of New Vedan.

Vedanian-85%.(Including those mixed with Aldelxani)
The Main people of Vedan, Ethnic vedanians claim descent from New Vedans founding population of explorers from the Empire of vedan. These explorers were sent out looking for Emperor Kamreon Guana’s missing daughter, Mikasa Guana. They failed in there search for the missing princess and wound up being forced to settle in Lazarus after losing all contact with the mother country.

Aldelxani-10%, estimated 30% if counting those with partial Vedanian ancestry.
The Aldelxani are the descendants of the Federation Of Aldelxane, which was conquered by the Empire Of Vedan. Decendants of a previous civilization that once lived on "The Old World" Aldelxani looked more like the rest of the Population than the Vedanians do and many still speak there original "Aldelxani" as a secound language in conjure with Vedanian. The Aldelxani were at one time a rather distict population in both the empire and early New Vedan, but government policies promoting intermarriage have blurred the lines between the two populations considerably. The original Aldelxani were a "Selduri" peoples, same as the Smogger's and Hollianian's mentioned in New Vedanian history books. And there languages are claimed to be related. The Selduri were a blonde hair blue eyed people native to the northern "Old World" which New Vedanians have since begun referring to as Aldelxane.

Konelgardur 5%.
The konelgardur (forighn savages in Vedanian) is the aboriginal population of the land that New Vedan now occupies. they were originally several different peoples who were killed and displaced by the first New Vedanians when they decided to settle the mystical council. The new vedanians technology was vastly superior to the natives who were also suffering terribly from Vedanian diseases. The few remaining Konelgardur are descended from numerous tribes and there vedanian conquers who largely managed to wipe out the native peoples history religion and culture. This has caused most konelgardur to hide there native ancestry if they know about it at all and assimilate into New Vedanian society. Leaving the rest to try and preserve the pre vedanian customs of there ancestors in Vedans only native reservation in eastern New Vedan.

Zolokites 2%. (Counted as Konelgardur on census records.)
There are however some Konelgardur that have managed to preserve the pre Vedanian identity. These are the Zolokite's who claimed to be dedended from a nation known as "Zikzator" that existed at the time of New Vedanians arrival. They are distinct for practicing a unique form of lucernism dedicated almost exclusively towards the worship of Zolo Wilson as god of Zikzator and The Konelgardur as a whole. The Zolokites live in the own communities in rural areas of New vedan where they speak only the Zikzatorian language and try there best to preserve Zikzatorian culture as it was before its collapse in hopes that one day there supreme leader Zolo Wilson shall return as a Lucernist diety and return the land of Zikzator to its rightful owners.