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Announcing: Referendums

Over the course of the last several regional polls, it has been decided that member nations of the World Assembly are eligible to vote for the appointment of nations to serve in officer positions within the USWRHS. As an extension of that democratic right, all nations in the region will have the opportunity to participate in a monthly Referendum, the purpose of which is both to update regional policies that affect democratic processes, and elect nations to Officer positions.

The structure of Referendums is similar to that of World Assembly proceedings, but inverted: anyone may propose changes, but only a select group can vote on them. Referendums will last one week and be organized as follows:
Days 1-4:
All nations may submit proposals for new policies, practices, and/or Officer positions. These proposals must be approved by at least two other nations before the end of the submission period.
Any nation may announce their candidacy for an existing Officer position; only one other nation must endorse them.
Days 5-7:
Voting on proposals and Officers will be opened to World Assembly member nations.
Any proposal that receives at least 50% of all possible Yes votes (currently: 3 votes) will pass and be implemented within 3 days of the Referendum's end.
The Officer candidate in each position with the greatest total number of votes will be sworn into office in the same time frame. In the event of a tie for an Officer position, the winner will be decided by coin flip (or die roll for a multi-way tie).
If a new Officer position is created by a Referendum vote, a similar process will be held the following week, but the only proposals will be candidacy announcements for that position.

Potential topics of Referendum votes could include:
Give non-WA member nations the right to vote on Referendum questions
Establish or remove a given Officer position
Alter the frequency of Referendums and/or Officer elections
Potential topics could NOT include:
Ban a given member from the region (contact an Officer with Border Control permissions)
Change the regional description, flag, etc. (contact an Officer with Appearance permissions)
Overthrow the Founder and seize the means of production
Any such frivolous proposals will not be opened to voting.

THESE PROCEDURES ARE NOT FINAL AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Please discuss them on the regional message board, or on the brand new Linkregional Discord server. Joining this is highly advised, since it allows for quicker, less cluttered communication.