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NWE Senate || Imperial Charter (DEFEATED LEGISLATION)

New Western Empire Defeated Legislation
In this dispatch you can find bills that were defeated by the Senate of the New Western Empire

L.R. stands for Legislative Resolution. Not all L.R.s are laws. Information about bills which passed in the Senate can be found HERE.

The Societies Act (L.R. 012)

Article I

Section 1
All interest groups, communities or any associations of two or more residents that have intentions to advance political goals, but are not political parties, shall be treated by the law as ‘societies’.

Section 2
All societies are to be registered within the Department of the Interior and kept in a publicly available list by the Director of the Interior.

Section 3
societies shall enjoy the freedoms of political parties under a well-regulated framework, save for the right to send participate in Senate Elections. They shall fulfill the role of lobby and influencer groups.

Section 4
Secret, unregistered societies (even unbound by a manifesto or a written goal, the extents of a Society to be determined by Judicial review) that attempt intrusions into and influencing the political sphere are to be deemed illegal and subjected to government suppression.

Section 5
Membership in these illegal societies shall be illegal and punished accordingly as the Imperial High Court decides.

Article II

Section 1
Attempting to overthrow the democratic system of the Empire, or conspiracy to do so, shall be illegal and punished accordingly as the Imperial High Court decides.

Section 2
The right of the Citizens to protest governments, political parties and societies, shall be upheld.

Political Integrity Act (L.R. 014)

In order to ensure political integrity in the great region of the New Western Empire, the following shall be put in place.

Article 1

Section 1
a. The Prime Minister may not switch political parties at any time while in office, though they may become independent.
Section 2
a. Department Ministers may not switch political parties at any time while in office, though they may become independent.

Imperial Awards Act (L.R. 016)

This bill aims at establishing regional distinctions to reward each of our most deserving citizens within New Western Empire.
New Western Empire still does not have a system of regional awards. As a result this bill would change this aspect and will give new possibilities to the Emperor and Prime Minister to award most deserving Citizens.

Article I: Provisions

Section I
The Prime Minister and the Emperor has the potency to grant these distinctions without the consent of the Senate if they consider that the present citizen deserves in light of his previous efforts that have contributed to the development of New Western Empire.

1. Senate, through a supermajority, has the potency to award a medal to any deserving citizen.

2. The requirements previously set out in this bill shall apply to foreign diplomats.

3. A ceremony will be held at the New Western Empire Senate where the decorated citizen or diplomat will deliver a speech.

4. A record of received awards will be kept either by either the Senate Clerk, Emperor or any ministry chosen by the Prime Minister.

Article II: Regulation

Section I
The Emperor may deduct an award from a decorated person if considered no longer worthy of it.

1.The Supreme Court may override the Imperial decision by a judicial ruling if the decision did not justify the withdrawal and acted contrary to regional values.

Article III: Regional Medals

Herein lies the list of the Regional Awards, by order of importance: Medals

Debates Act (L.R. 018)

Recognizing that the New Western Empire does not have a single away to ensure that all parties come together to air their views on the issues prior to a general election and further recognizing that this extends to Cabinet positions such as the Prime Minister....

Article 1 Senate Debates
Section 1: Hereby establishes that between 2 weeks before the opening of polls in a Senate election and 3 days before the opening of polls in a Senate election, that media officials in the Empire (defined as the Imperial News Network, and other media outlets/organs recognized later by the Senate) will hold at least one debate between appointed spokespeople of the parties.

Section 2: The format and topics of this mandated debate are up to the organizing officials from the media organ(s) sponsoring the debate.

Section 3: The timing of this debate shall be up to discussions between the parties and the officials hosting the debates.

Article 2 Requirements For Qualification
Section 1: In order to qualify for this mandated debate, a party shall receive no fewer than 3% in 3 polls conducted by Leon News, RMN, and other media organs who chose to poll Senate voting intentions.

Section 2: Spokespeople for qualified parties will be required to participate.

Article 3 Prime Minister Debates
Section 1: In addition, this act establishes a debate between candidates for Prime Minister of parties in a Senate election to between 2 weeks before the opening of polls in the election for Prime Minister and no later than 3 days before the opening of polls in the election for Prime Minister to be conduct by media officials in the Empire (as referenced in Article 1).

Section 2: The format and topics of this mandated debate are up to the organizing officials from the media organ(s) sponsoring the debate.

Section 3: The timing of this debate shall be up to discussions between the parties and the officials hosting the debates.

Article 4 Requirements For Qualification To Debates For Prime Minister
Section 1: Due to the difference in system for elections to the Senate and for Prime Minister, all candidates for Prime Minister will be required to participate in this debate.

Section 2: In the event of a candidate not being able to participate in the live debate, the candidate will submit answers to questions asked over Discord DM or Telegram.

Department Discord Channels Act (L.R. 020)

Noting that at present there is not a place for direct communication of activities undertaken or proposed by departments to the region hereby establishes the following:

Article 1 Establishment

Section 1: The following Departments shall be granted their own channels on the Discord: Foreign Affairs, Interior, Justice, Prime Minister, and Immigration.

Section 2: Due to their sensitive nature, the Armed Forces Department and the Court shall be entitled to their own servers.

Article 2 Regulations

Section 1: The channels of the Foreign Affairs, Interior, Justice, and Immigration Department and the Office of the Prime Minister will be open to the public. This means that Citizens and Governmental Officials will be entitled to post to these channels.

Section 2: Visitors, Residents, and Pending Citizens will not be entitled to read these aforementioned channels.

Article 3 Timing

Spoiler 1: The Emperor or other applicable Discord overseers are directed to create the channels for these Directorates immediately upon the passage of this legislation.

Inactivity in Government Office Act (L.R. 021)

Given the absence of a law on inactivity on the part of the members of the government and the Senate and leading to a decline in the attractivity and activity of the region at least one must be done.

Article 1: Minister and Cabinet Members
All ministers and cabinet members will be forced to leave their positions after a period of inactivity of 15 days, except for good reason of course.

Article 2: Senator
All senators will be removed from office after not voting to 3 consecutive laws, unless there is a reason to apologize

Article 3: Elections
These elections can be anticipated at the time of the dismissal of one of these members of the Government. In order to help the region this law will be retroactive.

Act on the Glorious and Much-Needed Shutdown of the Villainous Hulldom (L.R. 29)

Recognizing that Hulldom is a bad boy and needs to be punished.

Article 1

Section 1 - The nation of Hulldom shall be shutdown.

Section 2 - Hulldom will change his nation pretitle to "The Shutdown Nation."

Section 3 - Hulldom will change his discord nickname to "ShutdownHulldom."

Section 4 - Hulldom must state "I am shut down because Evile is too cool" every other Sunday at 3:00 p.m. EST.

Section 5 - Hulldom must state "France is better than the US, vive la France!" every other Sunday at 3:15 p.m. EST.

Section 6 - Every 9th day Hulldom must go on VC and sing an original song in French.

Repealed Legislation

INN Charter Act (L.R. 017)
Author: Hulldom
Sponsors: Hulldom

Recognizing that the New Western Empire does not at present have an officially recognized method for the synthesis and dissemination of information including polling for political races, Imperial events, and other things which might be considered vitally important pieces of information for citizens and residents...

Section 1: Inside of the Interior Directorate, The Deputy Directorate for State Media is officially created.

Section 2:The Deputy Director for State Media, the head of this Deputy Directorate, shall be appointed directly by the Emperor and subject to confirmation by the Senate.

Section 3: In addition, this position shall be subject to re-confirmation or re-appointment every four months.

Section 4: Finally, the Senate can remove the Deputy Director for State Media if said removal wins the approval of 3/5ths of the Senate constituted at that time.

Section 1: The head of this Deputy Directorate shall be called the "Head of the Imperial News Network". If they choose to appoint a deputy, their deputy shall be called "The Deputy Head of the Imperial News Network".

Section 2: This act hereby renews and establishes an Imperial State Media organization, the presently WA Factbook recognized Imperial News Network.

Section 3: The Imperial News Network shall have a site to be established and maintained (the site's link and dissemination of all articles/polls published) by the Director of State Media.

Section 1: The appointed Director of State Media will be allowed to seek contributors to INN.

Section 2: They may adopt the structure they prefer inside of the organization so long as they do not involve violating regulations as set out in Article 4.

Section 1: As a result of INN being the official Imperial media outlet, INN is required to take a non-partisan tone except when it pertains to opinion pieces.

Section 2: INN is also obligated, under the terms of this charter, to take a monthly poll of partisan voting intentions in a hypothetical general election (as held today).

Section 3: INN is also obligated to hold debates prior to elections for Senate and Prime Minister.

Senate of the New Western Empire
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