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The Black Rose Party (Nationalist)

The Kingdom of Western Vapia

Black Rose Party

The Black Rose Party

The Black Rose Party is the last ultra right wing nationalist party in Western Vapia. Formed in the aftermath of the assasination of Mussolini, the party houses many former fascists, and has a strong base. 300,000 people are registered party members. The Leader of the Black Rose Party is Angello Martelli, a fervent believer in the old Fascist doctrine.

The party is very influential in the capital as well as in rural areas where old firm believers in the old doctrine reside. Due to the steady rise of socialist ideals, the party members tend to get into violent struggles with socialist party members.

On the First of July 2019, the Black Rose Party staged a Second March on Rome, the largest political protest ever in the history of Western Vapia. 75,000 party members, many armed with rifles, surrounded the capital building demanding that Angello Martelli be placed in charge of the government.

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