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Gods of lucernism

Gods in Lucernism are quite different from those in other religions. Lucernists belive that gods are Spirits of the dead that have been stopped from reincarnating by the Worship of the living. This is because the Worshiping spirit gives a bit of its energy to to deceased spirit and helps to tether the spirit to the world of the living and With enough people worshipping the spirit it will eventually become a god. Worship makes a god powerfull with the more worshipers the more powerfull the god. This also works in reverse and if a god can not sustain a constant stream of Worshipers they will become weak and eventually die and be reincarnated. It is for this reason that gods Fulfill the prayers of those that believe in them. It is also custom to give the god a Certain type of offering as payment for the task, if one does not give the god a suitable offering it can end badly for the worshipper depending on if the god feels offended or not.
List of Gods
The Star King-God Of The Stars.
One of the main gods of the Vedanian pantheon. The name he bore in life is no longer remembered, he is said to be the one who led the first humans to the rouge galaxy after the fall of the planet lucerna and the reincarnation of the ancient sun goddess Solak. He is often claimed to be the author of the Solakian Scrolls, one of the most holy texts in all of lucernism.
The Star Kings Shrine Offering-Alms for the poor

Izigawa-God of Inventing
A ancient inventor and philosipher who's genius mind brought is said to brought his homeland of Zerard from a post apocalyptic wasteland to a economic superpower. Many of his inventions are still used today over a thousand years after there creation.
Izigawa shrine offering-spare parts

Kummonos-god of painting
A much celebrated vedanian artist Kummonos was born as a rich aristocrat in Myna which he never left for his first 24years. However he began to long for the outside world and began traveling across the wilherser system. What he saw amazed him and he made it his duty to preserve what he saw for future generations and he did this through painting. His artworks are extreamly lifelike and highly prized with people paying millions of edensia's for even his lesser know works. His worship is highly popular among young inspiring artists.
Kummonos shrine offering-paintbrushes

Lucerna-God Of Mankind
The mysterious creator of humanity. Not mutch is known about him outside of what is written in the book of the gods. He is often called the watcher and is said to live in a shadowy realm where humans go to when they are asleep and where they live in between death and reincarnation. He does not often intefere in the affairs of Mortals and when he does his reasons are known only to him.
Lucernas Shrine Offering-Unknown

Mikasa-Goddess of New Vedan
A Relative of Emperor Kamreon and the lost princess that the first New Vedanians were searching for she is described as a carefree petite teenager with blue hair and lots of energy. She has since become the patron diety of the New Vedanian nation and is seen as its founder, she is beloved by her people for bringing a bit of lighthearted fun and adventure into a sometimes boring and dreadfull existence. In contrast to her cheerfull personality however it is also said that she is one of the most powerfull beings in existence and that should one earn her wrath-be they man or god. that it will almost certainintly end badly for them.
Mikasa shrine offering-Anything cute

Draxilona-goddess of chaos.
A beautifull and cruel Goddesses respected and feared by Lucernists. She is unique in that she is the only know god to never have died and was once the ruler of the great Draxillian empire one of the greatest nations to ever have existed. under her rule the empire spread chaos and destruction throughout several deminsions before the New Vedanians lost contact with them. The current status of draxilona and her draxilian empire is unknown, she is often thought the be the one responsible for the existence of Nodenpuff tho this has never been confirmed.
Draxilonas offering, Human Sacrifice

Zolo Wilson-God of Zikzator
And tyrannical dictator from the earliest days of the mystical council. The nation he built ceased to exist after his death sending his followers into exile. Most people have since forgotten all about him but some of the ethnic Zikzatorian who fled to vedan were deeply inspired by the lucernist religions view of the gods and how with the right anmount of worship anybody could come back as one of the gods. This led to the creation of the Zolokites, a small sub branch of lucernism that worships zolo Wilson exclusively in the hopes that he may one day return to lead them once agin.
Zolo Wilsonís shrine offering-weapons of war