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The Treaty of Capesterre (Now Null and Void)

The Treaty of Capesterre

—British forces, supported by Krinslo if required, shall occupy all of Fuseana indefinitely, or until they see fit to withdraw;

—The current government of Fuseana shall be overthrown, and shall be replaced by a colonial consulate supervised by Britannia, with the Monarch of Britannia being named Emperor of Fusea;

—Fuseana shall pay unconditional reparations to both victorious parties, and shall surrender all future commercial profits to Britannia;

—The foreign relations and economy of Fuseana shall be overseen by Britannia;

—Fuseana shall only obtain/retain membership in any and all pacts and/or international organizations that Britannia shall deem necessary or appropriate;

—Fuseana shall remain an observer state of the Fusean Union;

—The emigration of Fuseanans shall not be halted or interfered with, but shall be confined to the current levels.