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Abarri - OOC

Hello, co-players.

For simplicity's sake just call me Abarri for out-of-character moments.
I have decided to write this dispatch with the intent to let you know have an idea on who I am.
However, I am going to do it using a bulleted list of stuff that guides my heart, mind, and soul.

Here it goes!

  • English is my favorite European language, partly because it's the only European language which I am comfortable using.

  • Spanish is not my native language, and I am not telling you what my mother tongue is.

  • Is male.

  • Used to make my own countries (on paper of course) as a pastime when I was the equivalent of a middle schooler.

  • Doesn't have real-life friends, mostly by choice and partly because I am strict with how I define "friends".

  • Collects music CDs because I like the cover art, the liner notes, and having physical backup.

  • Most of the stuff that I listen to are from the years before 2000.

  • Avoids debating or discussing about religion, because there is a chance that we will never reach a common ground.

  • Can't drive.

  • Likes watching Western animation. Occasionally I get glimpses of anime.

  • Green is my favorite color.

  • Is fine with pineapple as a pizza topping, though I don't think of it as my favorite.

  • Chose to never leave The South Pacific

  • Currently self-studying French because I want it to be my third language instead of Castilian Spanish

  • Despises populism and anti-intellectualism

  • Uses decaffeinated coffee instead of regular caffeinated coffee for drinks

  • Used to be a grammar policeperson; just got tired of toein' the line.

  • Sees myself as a citizen of the world, not just a mere citizen of [insert country here].

  • Inexperienced in NS roleplay

  • Frequently a fake smiler

  • Distrusts my own generation when it comes to pop culture-related stuff

Stay tuned, as this dispatch is obviously unfinished.



The Republic of Abarri