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by The Confederation of Rakscovia. . 22 reads.

[[Old RP]]The end of a Dictatorship.

Some weeks after Prime Minister Rackson Clark proclaimed himself Dictator.
No long after, Richard L Manx, declared a Civil War and the future rebirth of the Commonwealth.

The Civil war was violent, thousands our killed. At this point, other nations began to support the Free CommonWealth of Rakscovia.
The Countries that helped were: The Iron States, Dorammarbadylouistan, Puyilong, and later: The Armed Republic of Itchalia.

Together, they slowly moved into Dictatorship land.
With Rakscovia and the Iron State on. Puyilong in the sea, and Dorammarbadylouistan supporting in all areas but fewer numbers.

Now, the Capitol was taken, and the Dictatorship of Rakscovia surrendered to the New Commonwealth.

But right before that. Rackson Clark ordered to fire all chemical weapons, killing many.
The worst it did was hit the capitol of Puyilong, completely destroying it.

Right after that, Rackson Clark disappeared, and is still missing to this day.

All Leaders and Generals of the old Dictatorship have been imprisoned until the trials start.