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The Merfy Manifesto

What is Morning, when supposedly you are asleep for a least half of it? And yet you're supposedly conscious for the later half?
What is Evening, when there is no clear beginning, and yet you're supposedly asleep at some point?

No beginning, yet determined unconsciousness for the day. But yet your also supposed to be unconscious in the morning, so the fools create an artificial boundary to separate to remedy such confusion? That is where The Great Flaw lies. For we expect to believe these rules created by the heretics that seek to split the flow of nature, whose laws it is insane to imagine as simply categorized. As time is continuous, so are the periods we experience as we are awake, with the exception being when we sleep, and fall out of time.

There is no such thing are morning or evening, dawn or dusk, day and night. There is only the continuous flow, The Afternoon. What better way to describe it, as the Afternoon stands in the traditional cycles as the middle period of the day? Indeed, removing those set imaginary borders, and it still stands as the sunlight and absence of such we constantly experience; a constant cycle of early Afternoon, Afternoon, and late Afternoon. That is all, and that is what it will be. In turn of this truth, for the Afternoon is truth, we of the order appreciate what it gives us. For as Afternoon is truth, the time we continually spend in it grants us the further exploration of it: Truth.

As so we appreciate, and so we know; There is only Afternoon, because Afternoon is truth, and we take from and are part of that truth. So we know when we know only Afternoon, that we realize we are becoming of the truth. Truth never dies, and Truth is what is. So we the order say,"Good Afternoon".

Know this, and be happy. For as we continue onward in the endless cycle of The Afternoon, even when the universe ends, the continuation takes us forward still. The truth will take us forward, as in truth we take ourselves, with sleep the only time we enter the realm of pause. Not even in death do we fall behind this continuation, as your soul is freed, and joins in the great construction of the Afternoon. Take no offense what others call this a lie, for despite the false deities and worship they follow, even they are part of The Afternoon.
- Merftastic, Founder & Supreme Mesmersary of The Order Of The Afternoon