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Values Of The Institution Of The Order Of The Afternoon

Value One
When there is death, there is no being left. Your bones, your blood, your tissues are gone. Part of yourself is left with your body, left behind. But the rest of you, your soul, continues on with The Continuation. But only with natural death, because natural death is pure and parallel with The Afternoon, The Continuation. So with the dead, we say "Carry On". Premature death is not a subject of dishonor or disgrace, but the event of which is a disruption in the individual soul's path in The Continuation, and sends it astray to The Lands Of Which We Do Not Know. Therefore, if one is to take another's life, whether in professional practice or violent action, they much stand the consequence of carrying a part of the unfortunate's soul with them on the continuation. The more remnants of souls one carries, the heavier the burden.

Value Two
Good and evil is not relevant. War is not a waste, but neither is peace. They are factors in the human sphere of development and continuation in The Afternoon. But only in the name on progression, and continuation of that progressive trajectory. Any person who takes action that will setback that trajectory damns humanity's journey in The Afternoon. People can be good and evil, but they better not waste everyone's time. In the name of evil, to tear something down that holds possibility of something new, it becomes relevant to destroy and remedy. In the name of good, to do the opposite or to forestall on new expansions for no reason than to avoid, it becomes relevant to remove and reestablish the statute of good in that case. Otherwise, the only object of relevance is appreciating the nature of The Truth, The Continuation, and The Afternoon.