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Story Of Liam

From the great thinker Liam, we have learned of The Continuation. However, it should be noted that we did not learn of the Afternoon from him, for Liam grew up in a community of Afternoonists. Everyone understood and praised the concept, but there was disagreement of the purpose of the Afternoon. For some, they believed the world of the Afternoon existed in chaos, with no point but repetition. Others, like Liam, grew to believe that while nothing in the Afternoon is predestined, there is an order that comes from the repetition. Liam had lived a regular life till the age of 54, where at that point he had a wife, and with her raised a great number of children, all happy and joyful. However, a plague soon hit Liam's community, and almost everyone he knew died from sickness, save for himself and his eldest son, Thresh. Conquered by grief, Liam left his son, walking deep in the nearby wood for several days. His son, Thresh, heartbroken and fearing the worst after waiting for so long, was about follow after his father when he suddenly found his father sitting his home. Upon seeing his son, Liam embraced Thresh and asked for forgiveness. He was finally healed from grief, to his son's delightful, but had something more to say.

"When I was in the woods, I became lost, and found myself in the darkest of places starving and waiting to die", he first said. "But then, three events had occurred. First one, I found a dead deer, hunted down by wolves, with only enough meat for me to nourish my body. While eating, I glimpsed a fawn, which made me the fallen deer was a mother. Luckily, the fawn was mature and strong enough to run on while its mother was torn apart. From this observation, I learned that when something dies, there will be something to carry on its legacy.
Second one was when I came upon a hut belonging to a lone, drunk man named Bamma. He invited me in to share with him his homemade liquor, and so I did. We drank, laughed, and continued getting drunk late into the night. Next morning when I sobered up, I looked outback, and could see what looked like an overgrown garden patch, with undergrowth and small trees taking over. When I went back into the hut, Bamma had already woken up, and was drinking himself multiple cups more. I asked him about the garden, and in his state he told me, how he and his family were growing potatoes in the garden, and lived off them as a significant part of their diet. Bamma was content with this until one day, his world turned grim, and became unsatisfied with the life he was living. Soon enough, he turned to drinking, and used more and more of the potatoes harvested by his wife and daughter to make vodka for himself to drink all day, to their dismay. When I asked him what of his family, he paused, before saying that they were bothering him too much, and one morning he found them dead, so he buried them. Quickly after hearing, I made sure to leave the hut that day and go on my way. While wandering away, I had learned of the risks of straying from a path of conviction, for when you turn away from progression, you'll only end in ruin.
A couple days later, I was looking around for something to drink, thirsty, when I came upon a massive pool of water. In relief, I drank so much water from that pool until my stomach was full, and a feeling came over me. Before my eyes, Mid-Afternoon turned to Late-Afternoon, with the full moon shining above me. I then had a vision. Before me was the symbol of the Afternoon, a blazing sun constantly rotating in place. Only, as I continued staring, a strand of light had started pulling itself from the sun, pulling in a non-linear manner. From there, the strand of light continued, directionless, all around me in long continuous line of light, until the sun before me was unraveled. From the now constant weaving strand of light before be, I saw the repetitious pattern of the Afternoon. Bit I also saw, strangely enough, a construction of sorts laid before me as I looks up the line. The order of the Afternoon, in the continuation, built up itself in progression of complexity, such as such that I realized I have found something: that there is a purpose to the Afternoon. By the chaotic building blocks presented to each of us from our lives, the chaos of our lives leads up to make more complex standings in life we live. In the Continuation, of the Afternoon, we must strive to follow the paths of forward thinking and progressive innovation.
By the time I woke up, I found myself at the edge of the wood, at our house. So I came in, and have waited, son. For now that you're here, we have work to do."


And so Liam and his son Thresh traveled the land, living off the hospitality of their hosts, and spreading word of The Continuation, as well as Afternoonism, on their journeys. At one stop for the night, there was a Baron who was kind enough to invite the two strangers into his home. From this stay, Thresh met a beautiful woman, who happened to be the Baron's daughter. They briefly conversed, and then started flirting with one another. Liam, noticing this, asked the baron if they may stay another night, which the Baron granted without a second thought. Throughout the next day, whenever the opportunity came, Thresh spent his time with the woman, and continued wooing her, much to her fancy. When evening came, the Baron's daughter went to Thresh, and quietly guided him to her room. Next morning, Liam was prepared to leave, and was waiting for Thresh. Then, without Thresh arriving, he decided to leave without him. Thresh, meanwhile, was split about what he should do. However much his new lover begged for him to stay, Thresh decided that he will remain with his father. As so he left out the door, leaving a broken heart watching from a window as he raced to catch up with his father. Before long, Thresh was able to find Liam, much to Liam's suprise. Liam didn't say anything as they walked, until late-Afternoon, when he remarked,"It's a shame, she was very beautiful. You could have had a nice family.."
Several more years passed, and it became harder and harder for Liam to trek such long distances. And so their days of journeying were soon over. Liam and his son were able to find a city to reside in, and spent plenty of their time continuing to spread the word of The Afternoon, and The Continuation. A few more years in, and they had a following, and a rising reputation in the city as well. The lord of that city, hearing of the Afternoon and the Continuation, was so amused that he offered to build a temple for the two former-travelers. After it's completion, the temple of the Afternoon became the heart of where followers from all over the local area came to pray, and a home for Liam and Thresh to reside in. A couple more years, and word spreads that Liam has died; his soul passing onto the continuation. As Liam's only descendant, Thresh went to fill in the role of his father, and led the city's Afternoonists for a comfortable few years, before a challenger arrived. One Afternoon, a stranger, younger than Thresh, entered the temple of the Afternoon, and, before Thresh, challenged Thresh's position as leader/Mesmersary of the Afternoonists. He claimed himself to be of Liam's blood, truer that Thresh's, who he called a false idol.

"My name is Heaustus,and in the name of Liam, and the Continuation that carries him on, I say you are false, and an obstruction to Afternoonists moving on in the Continuation", he continued. "I am Liam's only surviving kin, who has accompanied my father Liam through his trials, and experienced them all with him. Enlightened, my father and I were going to travel out the next day. But before that, you, imposter, have drugged me, stole me away, and my clothes and belongings, before joining with my father and taking advantage of his age; claiming my identity in front of him. For so long I have searched, and I have finally found the resting place of my father. I demand you remove yourself from this temple, and never come back!"

Immediately, Heaustus was thrown out under Thresh's orders, and barred from reentering the temple. But Heaistus remained, in the city, where doubt began to grow. At first everyone was able to remain with Thresh, convinced of his right. But time to time, Afternoonists of the temple who hear Heaustus preach Afternoonism and the Continuation in the streets, and pause when listening, for Heaustus's words flew as beautifully as Thresh's own. Perhaps Heaustus was right? Could it be? Not long after, some followers left the temple and joined Heaustus, forming the Afternoonist Order of Heaunity, based upon the premise spread by rumor that the sun itself has chosen Heaustus has its heir. The Afternoonists who stuck with Thresh scoffed at the idea, for they thought it ridiculous that the sun was to be regarded as a deity, never mind that Heaustus would be granted such power. In the couple years since Heaustus's arrival, clashes began between Heaunites and traditional Afternoonists, large and small. At this point, Thresh had enough. He invited Heaustus to enter the temple, and meet with him to decide one and for all. Heaustus accepted the invitation, and with his arrive came his followers, merging with the traditionalist followers outside the temple entrance. One Heaustus went into the temple, where Thresh waited, there was wait. A couples days passed of silence, with a few onlookers claiming to have seen abnormal lights from the temple windows. Eventually, someone stepped out of the temple. Though no one can say who, it was clear the person who stepped out was immediately accepted as the Mersmersary of all Afternoonists. Since that event, there has been multiple debates between Heaunities and Traditionalists as to who it was that stepped out of the temple of the Afternoon: Heaustus, or Thresh?