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The Treaty of Lexington

The Treaty of Lexington

Hereby declares the following actions:

1) All Donjian nations will move their nations to the Okchi Region and shall not be given a penalty for defecting from the union.

2) The Okchi Union shall have upheld a constitutional convention to draft the union's new constitution.

3) All Donjians who have Justice authority will be given an opportunity to become GenSec without taking the Constitutional assessment.

4) All Donjians shall have the same rights as Norrandians and Okchi Citizens.

5) The Donjian region may declare autonomous status at any time for any given reason that is explainable to Parliament.

6) The Bill of Rights shall continue to be in effect.

7) The Tenth Constitutional Amendment is hereby abolished.

8) The 3rd Okchi Parliament shall be established after the new Constitution has been put into effect.

9) The Treaty hereby unites the two regions of The Okchi Union & Donjia under the Okchi Union government.

Hereby Merges these two regions together.

Signed Chancellor Artsotska


Authored by: Artsotska

Co-Authored by: Fourt Elizabeth, Croachnia

Edited by: Sorrika