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The Confession of Merftastic

Mesmersary Merftastic:
"I present: The Enemy Of The Afternoon
I call him Gabe!"

*thunder and lighting sounds*

High Priest Aafternoon:
*gasps* Merftastic why is he The Enemy??

Mesmersary Merftastic:
"He was my equal. We trained under the 3rd Mesmersary, working together as friends, and both becoming excelled in our understanding of Afternoonism and the Continuation. But suddenly, he became corrupted. In meditation, Gabe fell off the path of the Continuation, and was stuck in the void for days. Somehow he was able to come back, but when he did, he was never the same. The very next night, I woke to the sounds of struggle, and found our master, the 3rd Mesmersary, dead, along with his 5 bodyguards. It was Gabe who stood over him, with blood soaked hands, and an evil grin. He escaped before I could get to him. The very next day, I became the 4th Mesmersary, but I was not satisfied.
I scoured the earth looking for Gabe for weeks, months, and even years without rest. Hopelessness started to grow into my heart, and almost consumed me, if not for my glimpsing him near the top of Mt. Alpa. And so I caught up to him, and we fought. It was bitter; grabbing stone, fighting during storm, drought, and winter. I grabbed power from the sun of the Afternoon, while Gabe drew his power from the absence of the void, and with those powers we fought on. It wasn't until the summer of 2012 that I finally beat him.
We were both exhausted, but refused to leave any openings to one another. Nearing defeat, I looked up, and glimpsed my one shot; I leapt into the air, and grabbed a migrating goose, swung it around my head, and hit Gabe with it hard. The impact was too great, and so sent him tumbling down the mountain. At that point, I felt victory, for I knew I defeated Gabe, if not killed him. Yes, it was a rough, long game of rock-paper-scissors.
The problem however, was that I couldn't find the body. At first, fearing the worst, I wanted to track Gabe down, but then I realized I had The Order Of The Afternoon to lead, to defend with against the forces of the void, in protection of the world. From that point forth, that was when my real journey began..... coffee?"