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The Okchi Union || Welcome

The Okchi Union

Welcome to the Okchi Union!

Welcome to the Okchi Union! We are a vibrant and active community in NationStates. This peaceful region dedicated to protecting our fellow members and guaranteeing freedoms amongst ourselves. You'll find that our region has many things to offer. If you are new here, please go down to "How to Get Involved," where you will learn how to get involved in our politics, roleplay, and community. For ambassadors, please consult either the current Chancellor or Minister of Foreign Affairs for information.
How to Get Involved

There are many things you can do to get involved in the Okchi Union. If you are interested in politics, you can look over information about the government, or get involved by joining a party. To join a party simply telegram the listed Chair of the party in "Political Parties." If you are looking into roleplaying, it usually takes place on the RMB, so just look there to get involved. The Minister of Culture can provide more information if you ask.

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