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The Races of our Region


Bad for the environment and acts like they own everything. Thought the youth see how bad we are these days.


Known in Korean mythology to be a multiple taled fox. In our universe, only the spirits have 6 tales. It has rarely been mentioned but in the Gumiho religion of Minghaenism, the Goddess Song, is worshipped for having 9 tales. The population of Gumiho has been low for thousands of years but is regaining popularity due to civil rights on Gumiho. Gumiho can be half-blood, but they can be weaker is they are half-human. They also have magical abilities to ease people with "Charm" and can shapeshift into anything or anyone they please.

The ideas of these creatures come from the mythology itself while ideas from Dragon Peral are also put into effect.


Originally from Earth, they feed off of humans as it is their only source of food without dying. Half-bloods are known to be stronger and are considered the most culturally respected among the population.

The idea of these creatures are based on Tokyo Ghoul.


Most live on the Moon Deka, which is restricted due to primitiveness. Though, some live on our planet, Norrandia. They can change into the form of a human, and they have terraforming abilities as well as the ability to weld the weather. They are also very intelligent and have very good economic and bureaucratic skills.

The ideas of these creatures came from the space opera Dragon Peral, and the book series Wings of Fire.


These peoples are native to the Planet Norrandia and have managed throughout their existence to colonize their moon Genora, which they named after themselves before it was called Luna. Genorians have a higher mental capacity than humans and can easily solve complex questions much quicker than humans. They also make good diplomats and thinkers, but very few have used these abilities for evil, which have brought down many nations to their knees. For 700 years they were enslaved or discriminated by humans. It was not until the first civil rights act for them was passed in the 2090s. They are human-like and have aquatic abilities.

The ideas of these creatures are a figment of my imagination. Originally, the Genorians would have dominated earth, but the tides turned after roleplay universes changed in 2015.

The Animus Peoples

Simply anyone that has the power to enchant anything and anyone. Though because many enchantments are deemed dangerous (and to prevent the use of Dark Magic), legal restrictions in some nations have been put into effect. The population of animus people is uncertain since many feel they will be discriminated for that reason. Dragons were the first to have animus magic. Animus magic is only attainable through genetic inheritance or from an enchantment.

More on Dark Magic:

The ideas of this magic comes from mostly Wings of Fire, while also having some influence from Dragon Pearl, Fullmetal Alchemist (an anime), and the Hobbit.

The Zobertenians

This civilization came to Norrandia only recently was in the need of refuge to ensure it's survival. They currently live in only 2 nations with some having immigrated to more liberal nations. This civilization has suffered tens of thousands of years of tyranny called the Era of Tyranny. This era lasted 20,000 years until it's very demise, which was caused by a revolution lead by 3 brothers. This was known as the Grey Rebellion, and it was very successful. Thousands of years later, future tech was discovered. Eventually, their home would die and they would be forced to find a new home. They found our's, Norrandia, and they now live in peace with an organized government. The two nations, Zobertenia and Xenomenadra govern differently from each other. They are known to have long and wide life-spans and are gryphon like creatures with super intelligence.

With credit by Zoberten (now Zobertenia).

The Sharkin

Currently residing on the aquatic planet of Uunda in our solar system.


by Sharkania


Shardin are a Aquatic Species of Shark people and can vary in many Races depending on region they hang in. Though Most have European look to them. Its rare to see a Fat Shardin and the Women are noted to be quite beautiful. They are of Great White Shark/Megaladon Mix. They are a warmblooded species being borderline Mammal, fish and partially reptilian in some ways. They are known for there militarism and strength. Especially Aggression in Spring Spawning season. They are known as Giant Shark People. They call themselves Shardin.

Humanoid Shark People, "The Shardin"

Organ's and Breathing:
They can Breath in Air and Water. They are noted to have 2 Hearts and 3 Lungs. 2 Normal Air Lungs and one special Aquatic Lung.

Black, Grey, White, Albino.

They are Omnivore however are noted to prefer Meat and Fish. Though dont mind eating other Races and each other. Cannibalism is reserved for Dominance Role in fighting however that Behavior is slowly going away. Noted they have a strong digestion system able to ingest poisons and rotten food, rotten meat and able to digest almost anything. Licence Places, metals etc... Only the Strongest Poisons and Chemicals can compromise them.

Quite susceptible to Parasitic Species-Parasites but otherwise have a Normal Immune System. However will lower in the cold.

Height and IQ:
Varies on Gender but Usually varies at medium of 15 Feet. Though its possible to be Taller they cannot exceed beyond 22 Feet.

Though with size comes an IQ drop. With IQ being 70. However some can be Borderline Feral at 30 IQ and some can be IQ of 100. Yet Majority have IQ of 70.

They have a Soft Skin similar to Humans however are much more smooth which helps them glide in the water better. However there flesh is known to taste very sweet, delicious and nutritious.

Natural Biological Weapons:
While both Male and Female Have Sharp Teeth. Female has Sharpest and longest Teeth of the two. Trait acquired mainly to latch onto mate neck. Besides this there Teeth are similar to Humans. Single Row of Teeth. However teeth can re-grow back as long as they have enough calcium in body to replace it.

There Overwhelming Strength is also noted. 10 Times Stronger then Human. This has lead to species not making as many tools to gather materials etc... and has slowed there evolution/intelligence.

Female Shardin

Female Shardin tend to have a Xenophile outlook however have Many Dominant trait's when it comes to Cross Species procreation.
Females are also known to create large litters of 12-14. In which Eggs are layed into water. Shattering upon impact of water. Where offspring is water bound and forms lungs around age of toddler where they finally enter land. Its noted the young have to be separated in different water otherwise they will eat one another.
Females tend to be larger then there male counterparts.

Life Expectancy: 450

Male Shardin

Males tend to be the Brunt of the Workforce.
They also share many Dominant trait's when it comes to Cross Species procreation. However are more likely to create Hybirds then Females.
Males tend to be smaller then there Female Counterparts.

Life Expectancy:320 Years


Nordic-Germanic Culture at Base though are very adaptable to Asian or European Cultures. They have a Semi-Nomadic yet Tribal lifestyle yet do permanently settle down. They have Pagan like Religion and cultural elements as well as minor Christian elements.

There Linguistic Abilities are basic however have ability to speak Bubbles an underwater language very hard to speak or understand for Non-Shardin. Linguistic Abilities can go down depending on Intelligence.

Arcane Level: Tier 2
Influence Level: Tier 4
Technology Level: Tier 1

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With credit by Sharkania.