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The Imperial Colony of Altus (Outdated)

Imperial Colony of Altus


Population: 140,000,000
Governor: Luigi De Conte
Ruling Party: Black Rose
Ideology: Nationalist
The Imperial Colony of Altus is the longest standing colonial possesion of the Vapian Empire. In 1943, the nation which formerly occupied the land was the Alunian Kingdom. Vapia had a small colonial possesion which bordered the nation. Small skirmishes had caused tensions to rise until finally, the former nationalist leader B.M declared war. The Alunian Kingdom was overrun and the war ended in October 7th, 1943.
The colony was occupied by the Vapian Royal Army, and eventually, a small police force was established within the colony, made up of Vapians and locals who were vetted for rebellious ideals. The police force slowly morphed into a paramilitary organization. The organization, now known as the Altus National Front, is a defensive army of approximatly 500,000 soldiers.

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