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The Imperial Colony of Lebea (Outdated)

Imperial Colony of Lebea


Population: 80,000,000
Governor: Victor Amadeo
Ruling Party: Black Rose
Ideology: Nationalist
Capital: Eddis Ebaba
Lebea is the most recently acquired territory of the Vapian Empire. In 1971, the Lebean dictatorship launched an internal campaign to eradicate the Vapian people who lived inside of the country. B.M decided that this policy could not stand, and sent an ultimatum to the Lebean government. When they refused, the Royal Army was deployed to the country, and the war ended in 2 months.
The country was fully occupied and then annexed by the Vapian Empire, although the due to internal tensions the Royal Army didn't leave until 5 years afterwards, excluding 3 divisions of 27,000, which stands as the colonies police force. In 2019, the nation of The Black Cathedral committed an act of aggression when they massacred a number of Vapian tourists. B.M declared war a few days later, with the dream of conquering the anean nation. The war lasted 8 months, with the Royal Army only pushing 25 miles into the southern territory. Casualties for the Vapians were astronomical compared to their enemy. However, internal conflicts within the Sawteeth nation would ultimately lead to the surrender of the Sawteeth Army, which gave the victory to Vapia despite having taken 30% more casualties. B.M would be assassinated just 4 months after the war. The assassin was never caught, however a theory is that the assassin was a Sawteeth nationalist.

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