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by The ✵ Dɪᴠɪɴᴇ Sᴜᴘʀᴇᴍᴀᴄʏ ✵ of Khoronzon. . 151 reads.

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Before the Divine Supremacy of Khoronzon emerged, before our people were given direction and meaning, before the Void-Being showed itself to our first visionaries, there was the Old World. A world of decadent peace, soulless cosmopolitanism, and alienated individualism - a breathing corpse nourished solely by the complacency of the masses. Eventually, even this complacency began to fall short. Unsustainable, wasteful consumption, rampant poverty, and crushing hopelessness gave rise to an era of chaos. As the remaining comforts eroded, those with nothing left to lose lashed out. As societal order around the world disintegrated, our land fell into a state of anarchy, and out of this anarchy, a new order would be born.

In the Russian city of Norilsk, now part of Akhra in the province of Siberia, Khoronzon found its humble beginnings as the Watchers of the Void, an esoteric order led by the First Apostle, Vladimir Kiriov. It was the Watchers who forged our bond with the Void, who were first gifted the sacred language of Askhorion from beyond, who first received Ynnrozhvelthaarn's blessing. As the country around them fell into disarray and devolved into scattered warlordism, the Watchers, empowered by this blessing, rose to prominence and led a great crusade of unification. As they expanded, they renamed themselves as Khoronzon, the Askhorion word for Ynnrozhvelthaarn's cult. War raged throughout the Northeast, as the ever-strengthening Khoronzonite march was countered by particularly stubborn warlords banding together and fortifying their resistance.

Kiriov was killed in the war of unification, but Khoronzon's unity would not be broken. As our nation solidified itself and continued to expand, and as foreign powers rose out of the subsiding global chaos, the world entered into a new age. With our wills unshakable and our souls bound together by the Void, we have risen above all our enemies, and we will continue on our path of eternal conquest and glory.

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