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The Conclave

The Conclave is the judicial branch of the East Pacific. It is responsible for many different tasks, from interpreting laws, running trials, overseeing Delegate Elections, to overseeing citizenship naturalization.

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Everyone, this is a current list of Arbiters:

Article C of the Concordat gives the Conclave its powers:

Article C:

Section 1) This Concordat does hereby invest judicial power in the Conclave, which shall be the sole interpreter of this Concordat and the judge and jury of indicted citizens. [2014 Am 2, 2]

Section 2) The Conclave shall be composed of four Arbiters. [2014 Am 1]

Section 3) An Arbiter shall not serve concurrently as a Magister or the Delegate.

Section 4) The Arbiters shall elect from amongst themselves for a term of six months a Viceroy, who shall oversee the proceedings of the Conclave and administrate all elections in the East Pacific and represent the Conclave to the Magisterium and the Delegate.

Section 5) The Conclave may rule on the actions of the Delegate or laws passed by the Magisterium and nullify and prohibit any which are contrary to this Concordat.

Section 6) The Conclave may judge the actions of any nation in the East Pacific for violation of this Concordat and indictable offenses according to the laws of the East Pacific and sentence those found guilty. [2014 Am 2, 2]

Section 7) Trials in the Conclave shall be in open session.

Section 8) The Conclave may remove a Vizier by 2/3 vote for absence or high crimes or a Magister by majority vote. [2013 Am 1, 7]

Section 9) Arbiters are appointed for six month tenure. Arbiters shall then retain their seat after their term until a citizen is nominated to replace them. [2014 Am 1]

Section 10) An Arbiter may be reappointed when their term ends. There is no limit on the number of terms an Arbiter may serve. [2014 Am 1 & 2016 Am 2 2]

Section 11) In the court proceedings of the Conclave concerning final decisions, the total number of votes cast may not exceed 3. The Standing Orders of the Conclave shall determine which of the four Arbiters shall cast these votes in any circumstance, each of whom may only cast one vote. [2014 Am 1 and 2016 Am 2 2]

If you have any questions regarding the Conclave or its roles, do not hesitate to contact Viceroy Zukchiva.

The Second Republic of Tretrid