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New Vedanian Morphology

The avarage New Vedanain would certiantly appear distict to most other Populations from Lazarus as they have been seperated from them for the longest ammount of time. The most promminant feature the average Lazarene will likely notice first would be the Vedanians eyes. Vedanian eyes come naturally in only three colors Dark Red (a Dominant gene and the most common) dark Blue (a recessive gene that has become increasingly common due to intermarriage with Aldelxani) and Violet (a hybrid of the two other genes in conjunction with one another.) The greatist feature to Vedanian eyes however is a "Inner eyelid" a unique membrane located inbetween the "outer" eyelid and the eye that allows for Night Vision whenever it is down and regular vison when it is up. This is a very dominant gene and is found in every member of the Vedanian population, it has been written by Longuardian era historians that the gene was thought to have been artificially spliced into planet Vedans founding population before the Federations formation, Tho little knowledge remains from the time before then and thus where the gene originates from cannot fully be known is disputed. This as well as there Fair skin is a testiment of Vedans lack of sunlight due to being at the outer edge of its solar system. This is not all that is noticeably diffrent about them however as all one must also take a moment to admire there exotic hair colors. Dark Black(Domminant and uncommon) Blue (Recessive, common) Pink (Recessive and uncommon) and Crimson (dominate, common) Along with the Aldelxani's Blonde hair(suprisingly dominate, uncommon.) And last but not least Green (Hybrid of Vedanian Blue and Aldelxani blonde, fairly common) This is thought to have come about through random mutations and sexual selection over Vedans long history. Empire era Vedanians were said to have a fairly large percentage of the population with prehensile tales, however this is rare among the New Vedanian population due to a lower than average tailed population among New Vedans founders and frequent intermarriage with the larger than average Aldelxani minority that arrived with them. This compounded with silent genocide and forced labor during the Kragon Khalin regime has resulted in only 4% of New Vedans population listed as having a tale in the last census.