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NationStates Cards - Gifting

Handing Out Free Cards? Interesting!


What is gifting?

Gifting, as the title may suggest, is the act of directly sending over a card you have in your deck to another nation at no cost for the recipient. Gifting each card will cost the junk value of said card, and you will be unable to gift cards unless you already possess the required amount of bank.

Each card has its own junk value, but this differs per rarity, right?

Of course! As you might've noted in the main page, the junk value of each card differs by rarity, with a list of all current junk values being provided:

Rarity of Card

Junk Value













You probably could've guessed, but gifting cards can prove to be quite expensive, especially if they are valuable ones such as legendaries, so it is advisable that you primarily gift cards that people will actually enjoy (whether due to the card's high market value or personal worth).

How do I access the gifting feature?

You may access the option to gift cards by clicking on the card. Doing so will prompt you to either "junk" said card or "gift" it to a certain user. Click "gift", and you will be directed towards a blank space for you to type the name of the nation you wish to send the card to (along with the gifting fee to actually send it):

[Note: Since there is no actual trade going on between the two nations, gifting will always be recorded in a card's trade history as a blank hyphen, like so:]

Why do people gift cards?

Generosity, of course! Gifting well sought-after cards to those who want it will leave a good impression on those players, and (in return) they will very-likely assist you in building your dream deck as a token of appreciation!

You also could probably bribe users with free cards, but some might not budge...

What if I want to gift cards to myself?

Well... if you mean it like this...

... then yes, you can gift cards to yourself using the exact same nation (and for free, OMG!).

Other than that, you can also have one of your alternate/"puppet" nations gift a card it pulled/purchased to your main account. Players do this in order to bypass the auction system (since it takes quite a while and comes at the risk of the card being stolen by bidders) and quickly have the card sent over to their primary collecting nation. The benefits of doing so include: A) guaranteeing the success of amassing bank in your main since there are no bank heists in gifting and B) easily increasing your deck value since nobody is there to steal the valuable card you wanted.

Special thanks to Destructive Government Economic System for writing the entire guide!