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The World (WIP)

Dossier on Foreign Polities
Compiled by the Central Information Repository of the Divine Supremacy of Khoronzon

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The year is 2327 AD. The world, formerly governed in its entirety by the United Nations World Authority to rebuild itself in the aftermath of the First Plague War, has since become fragmented once again, with vast swathes of land and sea tightly controlled by a handful of polities, each one vying for dominion over the rest. Humanity's ambitions to reach for the stars, once more tangible than ever in the decades preceding the war, have now been humbled and broken, and while human hands may still pry through the bounds of the atmosphere, to set foot on remote worlds has been reduced to a dream as distant as ever. Political struggle defines this new age, in a world whose great project of unity and restoration has been prematurely ended. The Trans-Atlantic Union, the New Gaian Collective, and the Ecumene Corporate State, together spanning nearly all across the globe, wage a perpetual silent war against each other behind closed doors, themselves endlessly picked apart from within by the likes of Black Dawn and the Singularity Association - all while a new force, descended from an old enemy, rises out of the world's most decrepit ruins to once again pose an existential threat to all others: the Divine Supremacy of Khoronzon.

I. Singularity Association

The Singularity Association, colloquially referred to as the Pacific, is a stateless alliance of corporate-controlled territories based primarily in the Asian Far East, laying claim to the Korean peninsula, the Japanese archipelago, most of the former Chinese East Coast, and the Philippines, along with a wide range of miscellaneous islands both natural and artificial in various locations around the Pacific Ocean. Relatively small in terms of territory when compared to the giants of its age, it nonetheless arguably possesses the most expansive sphere of influence of any contemporary political entity, with its native companies being present practically worldwide outside of Khoronzon, the Bastion, and New Gaia, thus having considerable sway within the global market. An economic and technological powerhouse, it is largely known for leading the world in information technology and artificial intelligence development, using this to great effect to increase its economic productivity and international influence.

While the SA lacks a true, cohesive administrative body, the role of a central authority has largely been supplanted by a number of extremely affluent corporations, consolidating their power and competing amongst themselves with the assistance of market prediction algorithms, media manipulation, and cutting-edge technological advancements, all while buying out or puppeteering wide ranges of smaller enterprises tasked with specific administrative or otherwise-governmental functions. A few leading companies are rumoured to be fully under the control of autonomous, self-aware AI systems, though ultimately little is known about the highest echelons of the SA's corporate ladder.

The society of the SA is noticeably stratified in what essentially amounts to a de facto caste system, where a eugenically-propagated elite lords over a sprawling mass of physiologically-adapted consumers and low-level employees. Members of the upper class typically feature extensive cybernetic enhancement and surgical alteration, whether functional or cosmetic, and organise themselves in a manner reminiscent of hereditary aristocracy; businesses and capital are handed down from generation to generation, with each successor being groomed and engineered for the task of securing ever greater profits and influence. The lower classes, on the other hand, often bear warped physical and mental traits shaped by and adapted for their specific area of employment. Elitism is highly pervasive, both between the two main classes and within the ranks of the upper class; in the case of the former, the relation between the two can be described as "hyper-racist", with the vast gap in intelligence, physical ability, and appearance rendering it more comparable to a difference of species than one of ethnicity or social status.

Historically, the SA has been on somewhat more agreeable terms with the Supremacy than most of the world's polities, serving in the past as a semi-regular trading partner and receiving occasional military assistance in regional conflicts. In recent years, however, relations have generally declined, as the nation's new ambitions under Emperor Evehxhas are considered to be at odds with the SA's interests, as are various new and upcoming technological developments intended to reduce the Supremacy's usage of SA imports and promote total economic autarky. However, given that the Association is by no means a monolithic entity, fierce competition between its "ruling" corporations still periodically drives various organisations within it to conduct diplomacy and strike deals with the Supremacy to gain an edge over their rivals. The most common imports to Khoronzon from SA-affiliated entities are human resources and rare-earth metals, which the Supremacy pays via barter, mainly in technological equipment, due to its lack of internationally exchangeable currency.

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2.6 billion


Shanghai (de facto)

Head of State:


Government Type:

Stateless caste-stratified techno-corporatocracy


Free-market capitalism



II. Bastion of the Penitent

The Bastion of the Penitent is a heavily isolationist, defensively militaristic theocratic dictatorship located in the Kola Peninsula and Northeastern Sapmi, centred around a relatively recent, eschatologically-focused outgrowth of Christianity known as the Church at the World's End. Believing the world to be fallen and evil, it proclaims itself as a refuge for the pious - but not for the righteous, for, as it believes, righteousness has long since left the Earth, and even the best attempts of the Penitent at reaching it are but poor imitations. However, this act of imitation is seen as a sacred duty of all who fear God, for to neglect it is to shun God and allow oneself to fall further into damnation, without control or grace. The devout adherents of the Church at the World's End nigh-invariably believe themselves to be wretched sinners destined for Hell, tainted by original sin and by the demons of the age, yet they adhere to their lifestyles of piety, asceticism, and labour with utter devotion and pray constantly for the absolution and salvation of their Penitent brethren.

Society in the Bastion revolves significantly around the clergy of the Church at the World's End, which handles most matters of governance, education, and, naturally, faith. Economic organisation is, for the most part, akin to a highly communal and ascetic form of quasi-communism, with industry being owned and largely run by elected workers' councils, albeit with considerable bureaucratic oversight and direction from the priesthood. The general lifestyle of the population is frugal and conservative, and technological development is largely stagnant. At the centre of everything is the enigmatic Lost Shepherd, a faceless, nameless leader selected by and from the ranks of the clergy to shoulder the burden of guiding the Penitent through the fallen world. Much like the laity of the Church, the Lost Shepherd does not carry the notion of being absolved - he, too, must think himself a damnable sinner, albeit one with the capability to guide those around him to God so that they may be saved in his stead. Upon taking the mantle of the Lost Shepherd, he renounces all worldly, selfish concerns - with no name or identity, the spiritual guidance of the Penitent becomes his sole purpose.

Relations between the Supremacy and the Bastion are rather unfriendly, though generally lacking in any form of overt belligerence. While the Penitent believe Khoronzon to be a scourge upon the world, borne of mankind's relentless malice and sin, they see it as a byproduct of evil rather than a cause, and some even consider it to be a potential vector of divine punishment on humanity. On the Khoronzonite side, the Bastion is typically seen as too insignificant to warrant extensive hostility, with little to be gained from active aggression. On the world stage, the Bastion is the world's smallest and least technologically and economically developed organised polity, and operates on a principle of self-sufficiency which is largely sustained by its mandated asceticism and relatively small size. It owes its continued existence in no small part to its disproportionately large and powerful military, which its government sustains and strengthens for the precise reason of deterring foreign incursions.

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241 million



Head of State:

The Lost Shepherd

Government Type:

Unitary clerical dictatorship
Industrial semi-democracy


Christian theocracy
State socialism



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III. Order of the Black Dawn

Part drug trafficking syndicate and part occultist secret society, the Order of the Black Dawn is, at its core, an underground collective of neo-Nazi millenarian esotericists, using its more “visible” side as a highly expansive international drug cartel to finance itself and increase its power. Based primarily in North America and Western Europe but otherwise present to varying degrees virtually worldwide, it maintains a wide, decentralised network of quasi-nomadic insular communities in regions where its criminal activities have earned it a secure footing, raising new generations of its own under the sign of the swastika while spreading addiction, poverty, and crime in the societies around it.

Originating from the Arctic Freehold, a prominent, militant white separatist movement in Alaska with a network of largely off-grid settlements on the outskirts of Anchorage, the organisation first emerged after the former was dissolved during a wave of crackdowns that followed a dirty bomb attack carried out by its members on the city's main port. Scattered and forced into hiding, much of the Freehold's original membership that managed to evade the authorities ended up defanged, while numerous splinter groups formed along ideological lines, geographical proximity, and personal ties. Among these was the nascent Black Dawn faction, comprised of the former Freehold's radical esotericist fringe and counting a considerable number of its surviving leading members. Outlasting and absorbing many of the other factions and gradually swelling its ranks, it started to spread itself out across the continent, strengthening its ties with white supremacist urban gangs and eventually building up its influence in the criminal underworld. Now a global presence in the drug trafficking economy, it operates under the belief that its assistance in the proliferation of drug addiction will hasten the decay of the modern age, weakening the world around it so that it may emerge at full strength when the time comes.

The worldview and mission of Black Dawn is centred around the collapse of the modern world, believed to exist within a Dark Age of impurity and degradation, and the subsequent establishment of an enlightened Golden Age ruled over by semi-divine, pure-blooded Aryans. The Third Reich of the past is viewed in their framework as a premature Golden Age society and a herald of the true brilliance that its successor would bring, with its leader, Adolf Hitler, being destined to return to the Earth in a new, divine form to lead the Aryans in the destruction of their enemies. While Black Dawn's members acknowledge that they themselves are not pure Aryans, the Aryan blood within them being mixed and corrupted by the influence of the Dark Age, they believe that their blood can be purified and the true Aryan spirit within them thus awakened by sufficient devotion and ritual practice towards the cause. Individuals higher up in Black Dawn's hierarchy are seen as more Aryan than others, and while the organisation admits non-whites into its ranks provided they lack substantial Jewish descent, they are treated as wholly non-Aryan pawns and never progress in status beyond management of its surface-level criminal activities.

At the very top of Black Dawn's organisational structure is an anonymous diarchy ruling over its two aspects: the Voice of the Fuhrer, its religious leader who claims direct communion with Hitler's spirit and is viewed as the closest individual to pure-blooded Aryandom presently alive, and the Hand of the Fuhrer, its exoteric leader who oversees its economic and paramilitary activities; both Hand and Voice share the duty of presiding over the "civilian" administration of Black Dawn's internal communities, which are otherwise each governed by a local council appointed from within their respective populace. The separation of the two offices is considered a necessity in the modern world and a mark of its degenerating effects - only a true, fully conscious Aryan may rightfully govern the sacred and the profane simultaneously, and thus the merger of these two powers shall not be actualised until the Fuhrer's return.

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Voice of the Fuhrer
Hand of the Fuhrer

Organisation Type:

Religious order
Drug cartel
Nomad collective


Esoteric Hitlerism


Neutral (overt)
Supportive (covert)