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Roleplay Map of Warzone Asia

Modern Roleplay Map of Warzone Asia

How can my nation be added to the Regional Map?

First Step: Get acquainted with the territories already occupied by other nations and territories available.
Second Step: Be aware that only nations that intend to participate in Regional Roleplay will be able to own a territory on the political map.
Third Step: Contact Jean Rowe via telegram on Nationstates or via Direct messages on Discord (Alnorud#5374) in order to make them aware of the territories that you wish to claim. You don't need to claim the territory of an existing country, claiming a region or a few small countries is fine as well!
Last Step: If all the previous criteria are met and the choice of location is confirmed, the Regional Map will soon be updated by the Roleplay Administrator.

Reminder: Feel free to contact Regional Administrator Jean Rowe (Via telegram or on Discord) if you have any question about the Regional Roleplay or the Region itself, our current Lord Amyral Last Velneria is also the Administrator of the Roleplay Administration.

The Admiralty of Alnorud