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Cakes, Networks and Flesh Eating Earth Worms

One would think, that a nation like WhaDeva lacks any substantial economy. However, quite the opposite is true. Even with their indifferent attitude, the WhaDevan people are capable to work astonishingly hard. This fact and the abscence of any labor laws has attracted many foreign companies, who are more than happy to build their factories in WhaDeva.

The employers know very well that WhaDevans don't work out of loyality or devotion to the cause. They work because they get something for it. Something that in return fulfills their hedonistic needs. It it is almost frigthening what WhaDevans are prepared to do, just to get some shiny things. Wages are paid per day to ensure the workers return the next day. As the CEO of "Sugar Soda Rush Inc." once put it: "Give them cake and they won't lift a finger. Tell them there will be cake and witness the true meaning of the word workforce".

The economy in WhaDeva faces two "obstacles":

1.) Enviromental laws that protect the nature spirits (and their "gifts"), which resulted in the ban of cars and planes.
2.) The lack and fear of any high technology like computers.

It is rumored that most companies have found their way around those difficulties thanks to the creation of fully automated high tech transportation networks that exist underground. The presumed locations of these networks conveniently coincide with sightings of "gigantic flesh eating earth worms". Legend has it that those worms consume any unsuspecting human who dares to dig a hole in their territory. Companies in WhaDeva haven't bothered to comment any rumors about undergorund networks or the deliberate spread of worm related myths. Sugar Soda Rush Inc. stated recently that their research has shown a high probability that WhaDeva is in fact a perfect breeding ground for gigantic flesh eating earth worms. The government commented this study with "Cool!".