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Les Enfers: The World of Embrish Crime

Embriland has a largely moral society, many things are against the law out of popular opinion. And along with an extremely decentralized and laissez-faire society, crime and the black market are extensive, particularly in rural areas. They partake in such activities as bookmaking, fencing, robbery, smuggling, and running illegal underground casinos. There are many small groups and gangs across Embriland, the biggest organizations have influence and operations across multiple cities and territories.

The Marauder's Guild

Operations: Smuggling and Fencing

Originating in the Age of Troubles, The Marauder's Guild treats its criminal work as a centuries old trade, like smithing or carpentry. For centuries the guild has made a trade of smuggling in contraband and selling stolen items(usually stolen by the Gentlemen of the Road). They follow the order of societies of old, with a Grand Master running the show. The Guild mainly operates out of the cities of Calamar Nid and Victorieux. The Guild now a day focuses on smuggling iphones and other computerized contraband.

The Gentlemen of the Road

Operations: Robbery

A league of highwaymen, they're more decentralized than the Marauder's Guild. They have no centralized leader or set operation besides just robbing travelers in rural areas. They also distinguish each other from victims by the tattoo of their symbol on their person.

'Feral' Wyther's Fleet

Operations: Piracy and Marauding

Jean 'Feral' Wyther began his life of piracy in the late 80s, he started his own crew after a group of he and his friends, former Marauders, hijacked a ship before beginning a life of piracy. They sold stolen goods from shipping containers to marauders and international buyers. Over the years, his fleet and enterprise grew in size, being on of the listed direct causes of the War on Piracy.

'Black Eyed' Theodoric's Crew

Operations: Piracy and Marauding

A Misrian, whose family moved from the colony to the mainland; 'Black Eyed' Theodoric Set was the second oldest sibling of the immigrant family. After running with the Guild of Saint Valetin for a time, he moved to the Barbary coast with a crate full of Embrish munitions to begin his own pirate crew. He was the target of the infamous battle in Ghyr Muhimin.

Guild of Saint Valentin

Operations: Smuggling illegal contraception and running underground abortion clinics

After the Lewd Behaviors Prohibition in the 20s, an organization formed to set up illegal bordellos and abortion clinics. In the 70s and the sexual revolution, the Guild then expanded to smuggle and distribute contraception.

The Ivory Knuckle Gang

Operations: Extortion, Burglary, Protection Racketeering, Running an underground casino

In Calamar Nid and the city of Brasserie, the back alley and slum districts are ran by two gangs constantly competing with one another. The Ivory Knuckle Gang originates from the south district of Calamar Nid. Crime boss Gael 'Nightwatch' Bernard consumed smaller gangs and crews in the early 40s, taking the name from the white steel brass knuckles he and his original crew acquired from their time in the Ivory Isles during the War of 1937. The Ivory Knuckle Gang runs an underground casino out of the back of their general store, Magasin Général Blanc, that is in direct competition with the Royal Pincer's Casino on the other side of town.

The Royal Pincers

Operations: Extortion, Burglary, Protection Racketeering, Running an underground casino

From the north side of Calamar Nid hails the Royal Pincers, the gangs began fighting in the early 50s. The Royal Pincers are the gang for the bored troubled youths of Calamar Nids aristocratic north side, while the Ivory Knuckle Gang was more of a product of the slums. The Royal Pincers are known for their suit vests, signature bowler, and sword canes. Le Crabe Impérial, a restaurant on the board walk of Calamar Nid is where the Casino is located. The two gangs often fight over control of neighborhoods and for more clients.