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Internal Security Enforcement (WIP)



Branch O
Branch V
Branch X



The Department of Internal Security Enforcement, abbreviated in Khoryahsh as the OSVB, is the official designation of Khoronzon's police force, encapsulating all its branches and divisions from preventative uniformed officers and criminal detectives to militarised special response units and dedicated religious guards.

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Surveillance drones on patrol
District M02, Krukhyast
Branch O, or General Security, makes up the bulk of the Khoronzonite police force, forming the baseline and majority of the Supremacy's law enforcement apparatus. Its duties and functions are wide-ranging, and it contains numerous subdivisions for specific tasks including park rangers, border patrol, transit police, and paramedics.

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Branch V officers in Kyresh combat armour
District R02, Salyakh
Branch V makes up the OSVB's militarised force, deployed in situations too difficult and forceful for Branch O to adequately handle. Riot control, thrall containment, and other high-risk operations fall under its domain; its officers may additionally serve as guards or security escorts for people or areas that require more fortification than a Branch O detail could provide, though they are nonetheless frequently supported by standard drone units. Branch V officers may be equipped with light or heavy combat suits, depending on the situation they are deployed in, and possess heavier and more advanced weaponry - usually non-lethal, in the form of tranquilisers, gas grenades, specialised energy weapons, and foam guns. They additionally employ armoured vehicles and mechanised units to a significantly greater extent than Branch O, some of which - colloquially known as "street tanks" - serve to provide large-scale crowd control through area denial and incapacitating agents.

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Templar unit standing guard
Nexus, Vohzhrost
Branch X, also known as the Templar Guard, is a unique and specialised division of the OSVB, somewhat similar in nature to Branch V but under the partial authority of the Shrouded Ones and serving almost entirely to provide security for their activities. Unlike the other branches, which employ a mixture of human, robotic, and biosynth units to serve different purposes, Branch X is wholly made up of androids, as their lack of living tissue or a true nous reduces the hazardous effects of the various Forbidden Zones they are often assigned to.

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Reclaimed private footage of an ATRAX agent
Location undisclosed

Only nominally associated with the OSVB's main structure, the ATRAX Unit is an extrajudicial paramilitary force tasked with the elimination of enemies of the state with the greatest possible level of discretion and swiftness. Its existence is something of an open secret among Khoronzonite society - while it is generally understood that the state possesses some form of secret police with a license to clandestine, summary use of force, no further specifics are known about the Unit outside of a select few governmental strata. Established by Emperor Evehxhas and operating primarily under his direct orders, it has served as one of the main instruments by which he has carried out extensive and ongoing political purges over the course of his reign, including a covert war against its loyalist predecessor organisation, the now-defunct Special Enforcement Commission, as well as hardline adherents to the pre-Ahxhian Pantheon. Even more mysterious than its existence and actions is the origin and nature of its personnel, none of whom can be traced back in any capacity to the Supremacy's extensive citizen databases, and who have been known from what minor slivers of information last beyond their operations to employ highly esoteric paranatural capabilities.

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