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The FCN Art Hall: Issue #2

The FCN Art Hall
Written by Emerisis

Breaking news! In light of recent events, I feel we should have a little positivity to end off this weekend. Don't worry though from now on Art Halls will be every Saturday! Just to keep things consistent. Plus there are some major updates to get to!

Stick Figure Sheet February Update

Here is a quick rundown of the changes to this character roundup:
  • New Inglaterra has been removed

  • Liberated American Provinces has been added

  • Rhiney now has an eye-patch (In reference to the Punished Snake meme)

  • Apreia (Also known as The Gamer Collective) has been added

Gagium Likes This Post by Gladesville

For the first time we have an artwork not made by me, this is an artwork made by Gladesville, seemingly poking fun at the fact that Gagium ALWAYS likes EVERY SINGLE RMB post. Witty and funny.

User Portraits

From left to right: Legion of Mankind, Viridus, Mietkael, Ulrech, and Greater Bastion. These are all sized down by 300.

Jet Fighters by Gagium

These are fighter planes or jets, or whatever the heck they are, made for the FCN Roleplay. Pretty neat huh?

That's all for this weeks breaking news art hall! Thank you all for reading and stayed tuned for next time.