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The Squirrel-Wolfcloak Civil War

Squirrel-Wolfcloak Civil War

Wolfcloak rebels attack a formation of Squirrel loyalists in the streets of 21st Century Rome.

February 9th, 2020 – present

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Wolfcloak rebels
Nuke cultists
Squirrel loyalists


Commanders and Leaders








A cool faction name
Lots of Skyrim references
Large database of pro-Wolfcloak memes
Willingness to commit war crimes
Regional powers
Cold political ruthlessness
A knife


Casualties and Losses

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The Squirrel-Wolfcloak Civil War, also known as the Wolfcloak Rebellion and the First Nukesade is an ongoing civil war in 21st Century Rome being fought between the Squirrel Military Junta (broadly known as Squirrel loyalists) and supporters of the Wolfcloak rebel movement. The conflict originally grew from a popular rebellion against the rule of Iroma, leading to the formation of the Wolfcloak Rebels faction. Continued Wolfcloak provocations led to the Squirrel loyalists to declare war on the rebels on February 9th, 2020.


Kalends of February coup

Hostilities between the two factions initially arose after the Kalends of February Coup, during which Iroma, Chief Squirrel Officer, and Novo Senatus et Populusque Romanus, former Imperator, seized regional power. Iroma formally declared himself dictator perpetuo and began his rule by openly supporting the controversial Squirrel Cult and its paramilitary wing, the Squirrel Military Junta. Previously, many nations in 21st Century Rome had fought against the Squirrels, so neither the religion nor its followers were very popular in 21st Century Rome. Iroma further alienated his subjects by adopting the title of "Maniacal Squirrel" and attempting to supplant the older Nuke Cult with squirrel worship. In an attempt to further cement his power, Iroma used the deposed Imperator of 21st Century Rome as a hostage, holding him at knifepoint to threaten the Roman people into worshipping the Almighty Squirrel.

Rise of the Wolfcloaks

Deep discontentment with the Iroma’s rule led to the emergence of the Wolfcloaks, a political faction that opposed the influence of the Squirrel Cult within 21st Century Rome. They were led by the mysterious Titus Cleraticus, and considered themselves the "true sons and daughters of 21st Century Rome", openly calling for rebellion against the rule of Iroma. The name “Wolfcloak” was inspired by the wolf-skin headdresses worn by the Linkvelites of the ancient Roman republic. The uniform was also a reference to the legend of Romulus and Remus. The Wolfcloaks adopted the uniform as a way of honoring Roman history and tradition.

The Squirrels declare war

The Wolfcloaks quickly became notorious for posting anti-Squirrel memes and agitating for rebellion. The rising tensions between pro and anti-Squirrel partisans eventually led to a declaration of war by the Squirrel Military Junta on February 9th, 2019.

Immediately afterward, Koroskvy declared their support for the rebels. Hadrian Gladius, Holy Nuke Pope of the Nuke Cult, also declared a “Nukesade” against the Squirrels. The Wolfcloaks would also gain the support of Netherbright, Draconovox, Sperio, Koedric, Kyrata,Protos primeros, Compakt Repsublic, Republic of Texas Texas and Spayn.

Oddly enough, the Squirrels were supported by strongly Christian nations like Slobodovia and Pope Landia

Many Roman nations were indifferent to the war, and chose not to take sides. Nations like Greecelandia, Romau, Mantacore, and Novo Senatus et Populusque Romanus officially remained neutral.

LinkCivil War Factions Map by Koroskvy

Conduct of the war

Opening moves

Geographically, the Wolfcloaks started off controlling most of northwestern Europe, including the northern half of Britannia, most of Germania, and the north coast of Gaul. They also held territory in West Africa. In Europe, the Squirrel loyalists only had a foothold in Dacia. Most of their forces were spread out in South Asia and Indonesia, and an outpost in Judea.

When Kyrata joined the civil war on the side of the rebels, Scandinavia fell under Wolfcloak control.

Cleraticus marches on the city of Rome

I. Pannonia- netural, occupied by SENATVS POPULUSQUE ROMANVS
II. Raetia- unoccupied
III. Venetia- unoccupied
IV. Etruria- unoccupied
V. Roma- netural, later occupied by Pope Landia

After gathering sufficient forces in southern Germania, the rebels began an offensive on February 14th, 2020. A massive army of Olivedrabian, Koroskvians, Wolfcloaks and Nuke cult militias crossed in Pannonia...

The Olivedrabian "Hell March"

In addition to aiding Cleraticus's advance towards Rome, the Olivedrabians carried out their own operations in Italy.

The African front

Draconovox and Suwaya

Use of memes

The Wolfcloaks and their supporters made use of memes to make fun of the opposing side and to rally their supporters. Additionally, memes were deployed to keep the conflict entertaining and engaging.