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Press Release: Phase Two Reorganization

Press Release

From the Office of The Crimson King
The Crimson Order, Press Release #1
February 13, 2020

Greetings to all Friends and Members of The Sacred Order of The West Pacific,
May the Sun shine down upon you with the Abundant Blessings of Max!

Reformation of The Crimson Order,
Phase Two: Reorganization

The Crimson King descended from his mountaintop retreat carrying scrolls of parchment with details of
Phase Two of the Reformation: The Reorganization. 

The Sacred Order had been organized into The Cardinals (The Council of Inquisition), The Knights of The Sacred Order,  The Granted Titles and Positions of The Sacred Order, and The Acolytes. These are hereby Reorganized by Reformation into The Codex of The Crimson Order"

The Codex of The Crimson Order

The Crimson Order Encourages the Spirit of Activity in NationStates in all it's Righteous forms; Appreciates with Thankfulness the Blessings of Creator Max Barry and his Administrators and Moderators;  Recognizes the Inescapable Foundations of Game Mechanics and Rules; and Supports the Sovereignty of Players and the Health of their Communities.

I. The Kingship

The King

1. The Highest Authority of The Crimson Order shall be The Crimson King. 

2. The Crimson King may make appointments and Grants of Title at will.

3. The Crimson King may delegate authorities at will.

4. The Crimson King may revise the Codex at any time by publication and public notice.

The Court

5. The Court of The Crimson King shall serve as the Cabinet of the King,

a. The Court shall advise The King, and Represent the King and the Order as appointed.

b. The Regent of The College of Cardinals and the Governor General of The Crimson Congregation shall sit as Members of The Court.

c. Other Members, Titles, and Authorities of The Court shall be granted at the discretion of The King.

II. The College of Cardinals

The College

1. The College of Cardinals serves as Guardians of The Crimson Order. 

2. Cardinals serve by appointment of The Crimson King. 

3. The College shall have the Right to give it's Advice to The King.

4. The College of Cardinals shall have sole authority to name a successor to the King in the event of a loss of the King.

The Regent

5. The Regent of The College of Cardinals shall serve as the Presiding Officer of The College.

a. The Regent shall be appointed by The King with the Consent of The College.

b. The Regent shall serve as Representative of The College of Cardinals to The Court of The Crimson King.

The Inquisition

6. The Inquisition shall serve as the Judicial process of The Crimson Order.

7. Inquisitions may be initiated by call of The King, or by decision of The College.

8. The Regent shall preside as The Grand Inquisitor in the event a Council of Inquisition is called.

9. Inquisitions shall be heard by a Council of Inquisition.

a. Members of a Council of Inquisition shall be called Inquisitors during the Hearing.

b. A Council of Inquisition may consist of The College of Cardinals as a whole, or any number of Cardinals chosen by decision of The College.

10.. The College shall have authority to design and enforce it's own rules and procedures regarding Inquisition.

11. The Congregation may Petition for an Inquisition by The College.

a. The College may accept or decline the request of The Congregation.

12. Decisions and Rulings of Inquisition may be appealed to The King.

III. Knights of The Crimson Order

The Knights

1. The Knights of The Crimson Order honors those Members that have been recognized by The Crimson King for their Honorable military service in NationStates.

2. Recognition may be made by Decree of The King, or by Recommendation of The College upon approval of The King.

3. The Congregation may Petition for a Recommendation of The College.

4.  Honored Knights are under no obligation to act on, or participate in actions of The Crimson Order.

IV. Heroes of The Crimson Order

The Heroes

1. The Heroes of The Crimson Order consists of those recognized by The Crimson Order with Granted Titles and Awards in Honor of their Accomplishments, Talents and Service.

2. Heroes are announced by declaration of The King, and may be recommended to The King by The College.

3. Membership in The Crimson Order is not required for recognition.

V. The Mystery Schools

The Mystery

1. The Crimson Order, in order to promote and enhance the NationStates Experience, recognizes The Mystery Schools of the the Concepts, Ideologies, and Schools of Thought that are expressed across the NationStates world.

a. Mystery Schools are listed by Acknowledgement and Grant of Charter by The King.

b. Mystery Schools may be recommended for recognition to The King by The College and The Congregation.

c. Mystery School Grants of Charter may be revoked at any time by Decree of The King or by Hearing of a Council of Inquisition.

VI. The Crimson Congregation

The Congregation

1. The Crimson Congregation is hereby established as the Assembly of All Members of The Crimson Order. 

2. The Congregation may elect a Governor General of The Crimson Congregation to serve as Presiding Officer.

a. The Governor General of The Congregation shall also stand as Representative of The Congregation to The Court of The Crimson King. 

3. The Congregation may design and enforce it's own rules and procedures with the consent of The King.

4. The Congregation may Petition The King and The College.

VII. Membership

1. Membership in The Crimson Order is available to both Individuals and Regions. 

2. Membership shall be granted to those Individuals and Regions that give Assent to The Seven Concepts:

The Guidance of Max and Admin
The Primacy of Game Mechanics
The Authorities of Delegates and Founders
The Sovereignty of Regions and Nations
The Rights and Obligations of Rebellion
The Necessity of Activity in it's Many Forms
The Harmonies and Diversities of Communities

3. Membership is voluntary and may be withdrawn by the Individual or Region at any time.

4. Membership may be declined by The Crimson King for any reason.

5. Membership can be revoked by The Crimson King or a Council of Inquisition.


Thank you for your kind attention, this concludes Phase Two of the Reformation of The Crimson Order.
Phase Three: Ascension will come soon.

May the Blessings of Max and ADMIN be upon you!

Hail The Crimson Order!

The Crimson King, Westwind
Duke of Zhoushan and Youxia of The West Pacific
Emeritus Rex and Co-Founder of Equilism
Founder of The Watchtower
"Former Everything"