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Wagadoa in the House... of Commons!


"Vive ut Vivas" - "Live so that you may Live"

Ah, "Vive ut Vivas". Here in Thaecia, that is the mentality we should all have. "Live so that you may live". By electing Wagadoa into the HoC, I will do all I can within my power to make sure Thaecia lives up to my motto.

So, sit down, be attentive and take in my campaign. Good Day.

What do I think needs to change?

After spending a couple of weeks in Thaecia, there is one thing I know that needs a bit of DIY; it's the good old RMB. Firstly, I would like to make very clear the fact that what people say on the RMB is not what I am bothered about. It's the way they say it. I always like to structure my sentences and orate my conversations in a way that is clear, understandable and, depending on the situation, formal.

Now, one may wonder what is meant by being formal 'depends on the situation'. Let us relish in the fact that Thaecia supports free speech. However, some topics that might come up, may divide people. We must converse in a way that clearly shows our opinions and does not confuse. Some topics, as we know, are very delicate, but it's always good to have a debate and share our thoughts on a matter. I strongly frown upon anyone who is rather informal when touching on such a topic, as it may show disrespect or dismissal of another's opinion. As for when it should be correct to speak in an informal way, here are some examples:

Discussion about Regional happenings

Friendly chit-chat

Questions & Answers regarding the Region

Finally, I must stress that people who do not use correct punctuation (unless you are not a Native English Speaker, in which case, I understand), please use correct punctuation and spelling, as it does make the RMB look more professional and makes a good impression on new members.

What will I add / support?

I am a member of the PCT. Therefore, I support their beliefs and policies and will continue to do so if I make it into the HoC. Only one thing needs to be added to Thaecia, and that is more Regional events, such as internal tournaments, more debates and a well established RP system that is known amongst the entire Region. Some ideas of mine include:



As the curtain of my campaign draws, I say, it would not be a mistake to elect me into the HoC. I will serve the Region well and do everything I must.

Yours Sincerely,