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First Minister Maowi Resigns in Shock Announcement

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(Europeia - February 14, 2020) - First Minister Maowi resigned her position as first minister in a surprise announcement on February 13. With Maowi’s resignation, Second Minister Sopo immediately ascended to the position of first minister.

“I am resigning as First Minister,” said Maowi. “It's been a privilege to know you all but [real life] pressures have been making this way more stressful than it should be, so I'm leaving NS.”

Sopo’s first order of business was to nominate a second minister. Making quick work, Sopo nominated Dax for the position. This would be Dax’s second term as second minister. “"I believe that Dax will complement my own style much in the same way Maowi did, providing a great deal of domestic executive experience while still lending a much fresher perspective than my own,” Sopo said in announcing the nomination. “As a previously successful second minister, Dax understands the role, including the pitfalls.”

Sopo also nominated Calvin Coolidge to succeed in the Ministry of Interior. “Calvin is an excellent fit for the position. As one of our top recruiters, he understands the importance of recruiting and puts his money where his mouth is,” Sopo remarked to the Senate. “With his years of experience and his passion for this ministry, I am confident he will excel.”

Both nominations are currently before the Senate for the confirmation process.

The announcement by Maowi surprised many in the region, with citizens registering their surprise at the announcement and sending well wishes Maowi.

“Obviously, this is not how I hoped this term would go, but I understand completely and wish you all the best,” Sopo said after Maowi’s announcement. “We'll press onward.”

“This is incredibly disappointing news,” said Calvin Coolidge, prior to his nomination for minister of interior. “This term was shaping up to be very successful, and your leadership was key in that success.”

With Sopo installed as first minister for the rest of the term, and his nominations currently before the Senate for consideration, the region looks to move forward without Maowi. It is currently unknown if Maowi plans a return to Europeia when the real life concerns abate, or if this is farewell forever.


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