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The North Pacific Card Pull Events

Card Pull Events

TL;DR: Spawn some of the rarest cards in the game!
~ Nominate a rare card of your liking.
~ LinkVote for your preferred card.
~ Open packs during the pull event to spawn copies of the selected cards for your collection.

What is this?

To help make some of the rarest cards in the game accessible to more players, each month The North Pacific Cards Guild organizes a pull event for several rare cards nominated by card traders and selected by Guild members.

What the heck is a pull event?

Cards that are on auction have a higher probability of spawning in packs that are opened during the auction. This is especially noticeable for cards of nations that have ceased to exist or cards of previous seasons, which normally have a very low probability of spawning.

A pull event is a situation where a very rare card is intentionally put on auction, so that card traders can open many packs in the hopes of spawning, or pulling, extra copies of the card.

When exactly are the pull events held?

Each month, the Guildmaster will announce the exact date and time of that month's pull event in the pull event thread in the NationStates cards forum. The exact date and time vary from month to month.

How are the cards used for pull events selected?

Each month, the Guildmaster will open nominations for cards for that month's pull event, approximately a week before the event is held. Any nation may nominate a card in the pull event thread in the NationStates cards forum.

Once nominations are over, Guild members will vote in Linkthe Guild forum to select the cards to be used in that month's pull event. The number of cards that will be put on auction varies from month to month, depending on budgetary constraints.

What cards were used for previous pull events?

Below is a list of all previous pull events, along with the cards that were put on auction for each of them.

What if I still have questions?

Please feel free to contact Minister of Cards and Guildmaster Destructive Government Endorsing System. They would be happy to help!

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