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The City of Providence

Motto: Birthplace of Patagonia


Rainbow Stairs, Downtown

Capital Building of the Federal Republic of Patagonia

President's Residence of the Federal Republic of Patagonia

Supreme Court of the Federal Republic of Patagonia

Art Museum of Providence

Goverment Center

Providence University

Providence Harbor

Golden Gate Bridge of Patagonia built in 1947, is the only way in or out of town

Providence Union Station

Providence Commuter Rail

Location West Coast (50 miles south of Rainy Day Harbor)

Population: 36,000
Metro Population:: 50,000
-Density: 240 people per square mile

Official Language: English

National Language: English

Demonym: Providencer

Establishment: 1791
Village: 1799
Town: 1801
City: 1810

Land Area: 150 mile˛
Metro Land Area: 7,300 mile˛
Water Area: km˛
Water %:

Highest Point: Mount Pleasant
Lowest Point: Pacific Ocean

GDP (nominal): $1.44 billion
GDP (nominal) per capita: $40,000

Human Development Index (NS Version): .801

Currency: Patagonian Dollar (PAD($))

Time Zone: Pacific Patagonia Time

Drives on the: Right

Calling code: +23(100)

Internet TLD: .pa

Providence is the former capital of the Colony of Patagonia from 1799 to 1961. As of August 2023 Providence is the capital of Patagonia. Today it's population is 36,000. The Capital Building, President's Residence, and Supreme Court were built in the 1870's and 1880's. The City is persevered by the Government of Patagonia. Several trolley lines run through the city. A commuter rail system connects the city to Rainy Day Harbor and smaller villages and towns in the area.

The City is famous for it's Victorian and colonial architecture. The city is a haven and destination for the LGBT community and artists. Upto 1,000,000 people visit the city each year. Tourist attractions include Historic Downtown, the Historic Government Center, Art Museum of Providence, Providence University and the Golden Gate Bridge of Patagonia. The top economic development in the city includes government, education, finance, business, tech, and tourism.

The Golden Gate Bridge of Patagonia and the Providence Harbor are the only ways out of the city. The Golden Gate Bridge of Patagonia was built in 1947 and is one lane with a wooden deck. It is tolled and the price is $5 PAD or $2.50 USD per vehicle. The Trans-Patagonia Railway terminates at the Providence Union Station.

In 2023 there was a proposal by the citizens group Capital Providence to move the capital from Victoria back to Providence to revitalize the city. The government has ignored the group. There is over 1.5 million signatures on the proposal. The government stated that if 200,000 people sign a proposal then they would consider it. As of June 2023 the government has released no comment to Capital Providence.

As of August 2023 the city of Providence became the Capital of the Federal Republic of Patagonia. The city has seen it's population exploded. It's trolley system and commuter system is heavily in use.