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Morning runs

Here recently I've been completely trapped in my house. The reason being quiet obvious. Anyways I hate being stuck in my house, and I already see it more as a prison than home. So I've been having really bad cabin fever.

Which is not good for my health. Because when I'm alone and bored out of my mind. My mind goes to very dark places. But anyways other than slowly driving myself insane I finally found a release.

You see there's a gas station that's like ten minutes walking, away from my neighborhood if that. And it's like a six minute walk from my house to the end of my neighborhood. So like a thirty minute walk there and back including the short run across the highway.

Point is it allows me to get out and breathe very once in a while. I go out around 5am. Everyone is asleep and there aren't that many cars out, so I'm less likely to get hit. Anyways I'm tired. Peace out.