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The United Provinces at a Glance


Official name: The United Provinces of Legendus
Common name*: The United Provinces
Population: 10.9 billion (official), 56.2 billion (UP Department of the Census estimate)
Land area: 98,697,855 sq km
Population density: 110.4/569.4 per sq km
Capital city: Malkovro City
Largest city & metro area: Mount Superior


Government type: Federal parliamentary representative democracy
Prime Minister: Dr. Gabriel McGowan (2150-)
HDI: 0.940 (very high)
Gini coefficient: 0.153 (very low)
Democracy Index: 8.62 (Full Democracy)

Other stats

Drives on the: right
Internet domain: .up
Common languages**: English (Provincial, American, & British), Esperanto (Standard and Provincial), Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, French, Arabic
National currency: Standardized Digital Unit
Highest point: Atlas Peak, 8244.5 meters (27,049ft)

*used in many official government settings as well as by general society
**as defined by the UP Department of Linguistics