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by The Socialist state of Union of larchian socialist republics. . 62 reads.

Timeline of the ULSR(WIP I missed some stuff)

-1956 fight for independence from the UK ends, and the ULSR gains sovereignty.

-1956 general- secretary Hugo Lyon is given leadership of the nation.

-1978 official land borders are confirmed, after years of turmoil, and army is established, and constitution is revised.

-1998 massive hit on ULSR economy due to crash in stocks, and nation goes into recession.

-1999 recession ends.

-2003 Union of larian socialist republics is given dominion status.

-2009 PMDA joined, after good relations with Cohuila Y Tejas are established.

-2012 intervention in ottarenzian civil war, in favour of the capitalists, Larchian ottarenzian occupation zone established

-2013 PNDA formed.

-2017 larian rebellion.

-2020 general-secretary Lyon dies, major Alexander green is declared general-secretary in his stead.

-2021 general-secretary Wavell takes power

-2022 SACTO joined

-2022 SACTO left

-2022 SACTO rejoined

-2023 PCTDF joined

-2023 solomons colonised

-2024 Authoritarian coup

-2024 1st larchian civil war

-2024 good Thursday agreement, republic formed

-2025 ULSR reestablished.

-2027 great SACTO divide, takes side of The Greater Portuguese Confederation

-2028 good Wednesday agreement

-2029 bad relations with Ancapstands after may 18th