by Max Barry

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by The Socialist state of Union of larchian socialist republics. . 15 reads.

The 'putin's pursuit.

An incident between the governments of the Union of larchian socialist republics, and Kathol Rift, affectionately nicknamed, 'putins pursuit' occurred as follows.

The ULSR destroyers 'Putin', and 'anochi' after an incident with the The Bandit States navy, continues along their patrol path, which happens to mirror the KNS citadels path. The citadel, increases speed, thinking that the larchian ships, may be attempting to follow them.the captain of the 'Anochi', realises, that he will not be able to keep up with the 'citadel', so asks the 'Putin', to continue pursuit, believing that the Kathol ship, is pursuing an enemy, while the 'Anochi' itself, will remain on course.

I'll do the rest later,