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Reform Party of ACS

Party Name

The reform party believes in the great region of ACS but we have seen the recent corruption and infighting within the region and pinned it down to one reason.. Supression of freedom of speech that is why if elected we will promote freedom and root out corruption in this beautful region

We believe in Freedom above all if elected ACS will be flourishing region with a noncorrupt centrist government that listens to the people
Domestic Platform

all citizens of this beautiful regions ideologies will be respected regional matters will be treated by the government, however the peoples voice will be the most important part of decision making
Diplomatic Platform

we believe to expand our region we should integrate all diplomats into our community and we will accept all nontyrannical embassies
Justice Platform

all will be innocent until proven guilty and a proper punishment will be set for every crime and courts will handle all cases professionally
Immigration Platform

A good acs will be embedded in our members this is why we will promote immigration to acs for all nations and we will rapidy welcome those nations into our region.
Miscellaneous (Optional)

we will have citizens vote on all important laws






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