by Max Barry

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Percont is the sequel to Percent.

Eraveria presents


The story started as the life goes normal because it hasn't changed, the strange things are barely here because of the calmness, it felt like a cloud nine, but soon, everyone spilled the beans, the secret has revealed, Percont was a verge of collapse, everyone can save Percont by developing more technology, and turning into a green city, a green city with eco-friendly robots, the environmentalists welcomed with the message "I'm so glad that you fixed it from the industrial era.", The blue god is reappeared as a ghost to the past self.

Blue god (ghost): I'm back!

Red god (human): I thought you were gone.

Blue god (ghost): Yep but I'm here as a ghost form.

Yellow god: Ah, a ghost.

The ghost form scared a million of the population, especially Yellow God, the main characters of Percent or stylized as %Percent%.

Will it continue forever?

Find out in the next episode of Percont.