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The Cloak-Jackson Conspiracy

If you're reading this, thank you very much. I want to make it VERY CLEAR TO THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE YOUNG, that this REALLY MAY NOT BE suitable for you. There is heavy usage of innuendos and a decent bit of swearing, though those are mostly bleeped out. If you believe that I have gone beyond mild swearing or mild sexual hinting, please feel free to telegram me, and I will heavily consider fixing it. Regardless, PLEASE, if you must, advance with the UTMOST CAUTION. As you will see several times later, READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.

After much research into the topic, I, who shall remain nameless, have compiled this story to be published and used as a reference for those wanting to indulge themselves in this purported fantasy. I ask that you continue with extreme caution, as some of the evidence that will be presented is not suitable for those of weak mind or young audiences. I also want to make it very clear that I, in no way, condemn the Imperator or the Commander Admiral if these rumors are indeed true. In fact, I urge them to go public about it, as the need for keeping such a secret, should it be true, is unnecessary and makes the citizenry of the New Empire to believe that this is something far more nefarious. I should also mention that the evidence presented in this document should be taken with a grain of salt, as the sources for some of the following evidence may not be the most credible.

On the surface, this theory might seem like a nice tease at the Imperator and Commander Admiral always being seen in such close proximity. However, to those that believe the theory, this is something much deeper. This is something that is neither nefarious, nor malicious, but simply interesting. Many theorists that believe in this rumor are confused as to why such a secret would be kept under wraps, but there are speculations on why.

Evidence One
The biggest piece of evidence that this theory has is the testimonies of various staff who have worked at, or are currently working at, the Breezewood Tower, which is home to the Imperial Family and other high-ranking staff. Many of the staff report they have seen the Imperator making his way around the tower, quietly, with someone else close by. The following are a few testimonies, word for word, from the staff. Reader discretion is advised.

Hades Hogan, Head Chef - I'm telling you, I've seen the Imperator himself going around the Tower. Now, it isn't that big of a surprise to us staff, the Imperator is known for taking late night walks around the building. Says he gets restless and unable to sleep, and that walking around gives him a sense of comfort. However, I've seen, on several occasions, another figure accompanying the Imperator. Of course, I was unable to get a good look, as I'm either in the kitchen dealing with my staff or in my room, and the Imperator prefers we don't interrupt him during his strolls. However, the slenderness and hairstyle of the silhouette is akin to that of Miss Cloak. God bless the Imperator, if the rumors are true. The man's been distraught and in a constant state of sadness since his wife was found to be a traitor. I hope that he's able to get out of his loneliness.

Samantha Logan, Gardener - Oh, about that theory regarding the Imperator and Miss Cloak? I wholeheartedly agree with it. Now, I haven't seen it up close, but I've seen the Imperator recently being accompanied on his late night strolls around the Tower. I even managed to catch a glimpse of the two as they walked through the gardens. The unidentified figure looked to be Miss Cloak, but I can't be too sure. You don't know how much I want the rumors to be true, though. Mister Jackson has been lonely ever since his wife was executed.

Horace Edwards, City Watch Guard - Yeah, I've heard the rumors. I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. It's no secret that the Imperator likes to go walking around the grounds late at night. His reasoning is that it helps him clear his head. Now, I've seen several times the Imperator being followed by a figure. Thinking it was maybe some sort of assassin, I got closer. I tell you, the slenderness, the uniform, the hair in a bun...although it was messy, so...regardless, there's no doubt in my mind that it's the Commander Admiral.

Marie Vera, Cook - That theory? I mean, I personally don't believe it. I have seen the Imperator joined by someone on his late night strolls recently, but I think it's simply his daughter. Lady Rachel acts much like her father, it's admirable. I hope the darling gets at least one island, if she isn't Lady Regent.

Isaiah Ericsson, Mechanic - Oh, I seen the Imp'rater and Commander Adm'ral alright. Matter o' fact, I managed to steal the opportun'ty to watch 'em on a late night stroll. Might seem a bit stalk'rish, but I don't think Imperator Jackson will mind, ey? However, when I followed 'em, they seemed to go into a room the Imperator has told us to stay away from 'less we're cleanin' it. I swear to you, I heard moanin' comin' from the room. I tell ye, they be havin' an affair. I heard 'em meself. I ain' crazy, now. Right?

Mason Mason, Carpenter - O' I heard 'em comin' my way one time. I was workin' on the floor of a nearby room when they entered the adjacent room. Peered ov'r to see what they was doin' and I saw that creepster of a mechanic pressin' his ear 'gainst the door. Now, I ain't rude, so I naturally listened in. He might tell ya that there was moanin' but that ain't true. In fact, it was just them enjoyin' a few relaxin' drinks that had come from 'cross the Empire.

Evidence Two
It is no secret that the Imperator conducts a multitude of meetings with top government officials. In fact, the amount of meetings the Imperator has held surpass those of his predecessors. However, top government officials have come forward about a few of the events that occur during these meetings. The following are a few testimonies.

William Reichfeldiker, Chancellor of the Senate - Nothing suspicious occurs during the real meeting, but Miss Cloak and Sir Jackson are always seen lingering around together when the meetings close. This wasn't the case a few years ago, where everything was formal. Back then, I was only the Deputy Chancellor. Anyway, they've become increasingly friendly toward each other, for lack of better words. I'm not going to support the rumors, nor am I going to deny them. What the Imperator and Commander Admiral do together is their own business. Though, I wouldn't be surprised if the theory turns out to be true. They've known each other since their childhood, so it's very likely.

Arnold Schwarzeheifer, Governor of Evyskaya - Ah, yes, Miss Cloak and Sir Jackson. I've had the pleasure of accompanying them on the Imperial Choppa before. The evidence is most certainly there. I will admit, I swear I've seen them laying hands on each other in the meeting room, once it had concluded. If you'll excuse me, I've got a bodybuilding champion title to defend.

Dang O'Well, Minister of Foreign Relations - I've seen them hanging around together, so what? I frankly don't care if the rumors are true or not, it's not my business to get involved in their affairs. I may be a Minister, but I'm not the Minister of Internal Affairs or the Minister of Information and Confirmation, damn it!

Evidence Three
The following are declassified excerpts from phone conversations that the Commander Admiral and Imperator have made regarding the subject. Please note, these calls were permitted to be included by all parties, as I had previously contacted them anonymously asking for their permission.

Call between the Imperator and High Overseer Wilrowson -
Wilrowson: Hey, have you heard the rumors going around about you and-?
Jackson: Yeah, yeah, I know. Listen, I'm not going to sit here and deny it. You have the right to believe in them or not, but I do deny the allegations.
Wilrowson: But, Samuel, if they're true, why don't you just admit it?
Samuel: I don't want this turning out to be a scandal. I broke the people's trust when my former partner was found to be a traitor.

Call between the Commander Admiral and former Commander James Cloak -
J. Cloak: Darling, I just heard about the rumors from your mother. Are they true?
S. Cloak: Why do you want to know? So you can publicly shame me for it?
J. Cloak: No, my dear child. If they're true, it'll be the proudest I've ever been. You seem lonely, and if the Imperator makes you feel safe and treats you right, that'll put me at peace. But if he treats you wrong, I will not hesitate to commit a crime.
S. Cloak: Don't worry, dad. Samuel hasn't touched me, and I haven't touched him. We work closely, yes, but we are not lovers.

Call between the Commander Admiral and the Imperator -
Jackson: Hey, have you heard-?
Cloak: Yes, I just got off the phone with my father about the subject. Sometimes people disgust me.
Jackson: It's what they do. They have the right to think that way, whether it's true or not.
Cloak: Yeah, but why are they interested in whether it's real?
Jackson: Come, now, you know it's no secret that I've been lonely since the death of that traitorous b**ch. (Although she was asking for it when she started supporting Dariox.) Plus, you've never had a romantic partner in your life.
Cloak: What happens if-
(This is as much of the conversation I could include, legally.)

Evidence Four
This piece of evidence is often overlooked, as many simply don't know about this. However, very few people are able to live on the property belonging to Breezewood tower. Only staff, guards, and those the Imperator permit are allowed to do so. This was a suggestion by the previous Chancellor, in order to protect the Imperator. It is worth noting that due to this, no other high-ranking government official is allowed to live on the premises. Yet, for some odd reason, the Commander Admiral is the only military or government official allowed to live on the grounds, save for the aforementioned allowed personnel. Not only that, but the Commander Admiral has her own room in the Tower. Better yet, it is right down the hall from the Imperator's, which means it is the second-largest bedroom in the Tower.

Evidence Five
This is perhaps the most insignificant piece of evidence, but I have elected to include it anyway. On several occasions, staff have reported the Imperator's youngest children, Francis and Sara, referring to the Commander Admiral as 'Mommy.' However, it has been brushed off as her having such an impact on the children's lives, as well as the Commander Admiral being in such close proximity to the Imperator at most times.

Evidence Six
At the time of writing this, both Irish Harrison and Benjamin Williamson, close friends of the Imperator, have come forward with their testimonies. They have allowed me to include them in this document, stating that they can easily deal with the Imperator's wrath.

Benjamin Williamson - I heard you're writing about the ongoing rumor. Now, I don't want to start a scandal, but I heavily believe that Samuel and Sierra have been getting a bit comfortable with each other. Almost every time I'm visiting Sam, Sierra is hanging on him and vice versa. Some people may think it's disgusting, some may not care, but I simply say it's adorable, and empower my friend to come out publicly about it. Then again, that's only if it's true. I will say, another thing I've noticed recently, is that Sammy has been going to sleep while cuddling a pillow. Yeah, a damn pillow. I asked him about it, and he just brushed it off and said it made him feel more comfortable. Bit odd, if you ask me.

Irish Harrison - Man, I'll tell you what. Every time we have a boys' night, where it's just Sam, Ben, and I, along with a few others that may get invited, the Imperator's always looking dreamy-eyed, gazing into nothingness. I have to keep snapping my fingers in his face in order for him to come back to reality. I will say, on one occasion, we were binge-watching Netflix and stuff, and Sam fell asleep for a few minutes. Never have I ever heard someone mutter another's name so passionately and audibly. Might've been a wet dream, might've been having some sort of conversation with the dream-world Sierra. I suppose I won't know for a good while.

Evidence Seven
The last piece of evidence there currently is to this is a few testimonies from sailors aboard the HRN Cardinal, a ship that the Imperator has direct command over. Reader discretion is HEAVILY advised.

PO3 Kevinsin, Fireman - The rumors are quite obviously true, as long as you know the proper evidence. Hell, I've seen the Imperator and Commander Admiral walking across the ship together. That's not very odd, is it? Although, I swear I heard moaning once. Better clarify it was male. Very much could've been a sailor pleasuring himself. Not common, but definitely not unheard of.

SSM Loiyt, Naval Military Police - I once accidentally barged in on the Imperator and the Commander Admiral. I heard noises coming from the armory aboard the ship. Thinking it was a rogue sailor, I knocked, asking who was in there. Since I was closer, I heard voices discussing something, but I don't know what. I breached the door, preparing to smack someone upside the head. Instead, I saw the Imperator and Commander Admiral against each other. Not a hug, but rather shoulder-to-shoulder. TIGHTLY shoulder-to-shoulder.

JSM Uxit, Electrician's Mate - I was getting a bit busy with my bunkmate when I saw the Commander Admiral and Imperator walk by. Damn, I'd love to get Miss Cloak in bed. I'd even love to do it to the Imperator. Who doesn't want to f*** Imperator Jackson? Crazies, that's who!

SrLt Jaxon, Quartermaster's Mate - I sure hope you didn't ask the more junior sailors on their opinion on this. They've yet to be properly disciplined. Why, just the other day, I caught five of them in an or-ahem, pardon me, that's not suitable for younger audiences. Anywho, yeah, I've heard the rumors. There have been several times so far where they've told us Officers to not disturb them. Said something about 'secretive war plans.' It's not my place to say, but I sure hope they aren't messing up the onboard war room. Then again, they've always been just talking while they're in there. Perhaps they really are talking secret strategies for an upcoming war. I'd love the chance to murder a few Bleseveaun Transhumanized bastards. Hell, I'd love the chance to get close to their Grand Sovereign Administrator. It needs to be put down. Oh, I'm sorry, I'm just rambling.

Why is it a Secret?
Nobody knows exactly why the Imperator and Commander Admiral would want to keep such a relationship under wraps. However, there are a few ideas.

1.) The Imperator is expected to marry a foreign Royal - This seems to be the more absurd reason on why the Imperator's relationships are so secretive. A few people have suggested that Samuel Jackson the Third is expected, by other high-ranking government officials, to marry a member of the Royal Family from another nation. Although, this is highly unlikely as Samuel tends to restrict his time to the internal affairs of the country.

2.) Military personnel may not have relationships with a superior officer(s) - While this is technically true, and would be a valid reason, Samuel can simply use his given powers to change the law to allow such a relationship to be legal. Plus, the way the Constitution is written, the Monarch is allowed to act outside of the law, to an extent. It is only a few basic military regulations being broken, and those can be changed at any time.

3.) They aren't ready for commitment - Again, a theory that is potentially true. The Imperator may not be ready to re-marry after the execution of his wife. Likewise, the Commander Admiral may want to wait until she is retired to get engaged.

4.) They have an illegitimate child - This one seems outlandish compared to the rest. It's no secret that Samuel has children, and he cares deeply for all of them. In fact, he has adopted a few of his children in order to give them a stable home and comfortable upbringing. It is unlikely that Samuel would have an illegitimate child and then neglect said child.

5.) The Commander Admiral is engaged - I'm not even going to explain this one. I don't know why many people cling on to this idea, but it has been disproven, by multiple sources, including Sierra Cloak herself, that she is not engaged or married. Neither is the Imperator.

6.) They don't want to cause a scandal - What's the best way for a national leader's reputation to be ruined? The national leader has an affair with someone! While some have stated that they believe Cloak and Jackson to be having an affair, many have stated that they truly are in love with each other, and that it isn't lust. This is perhaps the biggest and most accepted theory.

7.) The Imperator is Catholic - I-I don't even know what to say about this theory. The Imperator has said he is a Christian, but he is not Catholic. I don't even know why the religion or denomination matters in this.

8.) The Imperator and Commander Admiral are related - No. Just no. This was proven wrong over a million different times. It is wrong, it has been disproven, they are in no way, shape, or form related to each other. Not even seventh cousins. Two completely different family lineages.

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