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Ishtar Information Packet: 76822

[IDtag=Dr. Maya Daresh], [IDtag=Rico Estrada], [IDtag= Dr.Leeana Shim]

RE: Maya, I need your help. I don't know how to fix this.

MD: Yes Rico? take a seat first, you look pale

RE: I've figured out what's going on inside the subject

MD: you have info on unit 12? that's wonderful! but you should be more excited, but you aren't so that's not good but it's not urgent or you would have evacuated site-16.

RE: I have a working interface with the specimen's internal environment. I can see what it's thinking.

MD: In metaphorical terms, of course. The cognitive architectures are so -

RE: No. I don't need any kind of epistemology bridge

MD: Wait, are You telling Me it's human?

RE: I'm telling you its full of humans, it's thinking about us. Simulating Us, Vividly. Elaborately. It's running a spectacularly high-fidelity model of a Collective research team studying a captive Talus entity.

MD: deep does it go?

RE: Right now it is simulating a Maya Daresh, meeting with a simulated Rico Estrada to discuss an unexpected problem.

[indistinct sounds]

MD: That's impossible. It doesn't have enough information.

RE: It inferred. It works from what it sees and it infers the rest. I know that feels unlikely. But it obviously has capabilities we don't. It may have breached our shared virtual workspace...the neural links could have given it data...

MD: The simulations have interiority? Subjectivity?

RE: I can't know that until I look more closely. But they act like us.

MD: We're inside it, by any reasonable philosophical standard, we are inside the Talus

RE: Unless you take a violent approach to the problem pf causal forks, yes, they are us.

MD: Call a team meeting, pull Dr.Shim from Site 16

RE: The other you has too.

The mind prison