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He's Making A List....

Good Afternoon, all you little bastards.

I have some grim, and fantastic news. As you may or may not know, every six months, the magical barriers that keep Santa Kampf locked in his ice cave in both my mind and in TEP weaken enough to allow him to escape for a night of drinking, murder, and overall tomfoolery.

However, due to the bad vibes of 2020, things have shaped up.....differently. The barrier for next month is going to collapse, and Santa Kampf will have free reign to ride for the full month. Every. Single. Day.

So, y'all better behave before you catch an axe to the face.

Good day, and Happy Holidays,

OOC Kampf


I'll add his list as he makes it. If you get pinged, learn to make eggnog.


The List: