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Pokemon Forwintrr League 2020

Pokemon Forwintrr League is a week-long opportunity to become the very best, hosted by Wintreath, Forest and the Rejected Realms. This gameside event features four main activities running from now until 11:59 pm EST on the 24th of May.

National dignitaries and trainers from all over are invited to travel across our lands, encouraging exploration within Wintreath's frozen palaces, Forest's heavily wooded retreats, and the Rejected Realms' portals to the great void in your quest to catch Ďem all!

Each region has custom pokemon that you can arrange to catch once a day via telegrams, but participating nations are also encouraged to come up with and design their own pokemon! Present your nationís team and trainer in a dispatch for a chance to win the Forwintrr Beauty Contest!

Once your team is ready for a challenge, head over to each of our three regional gyms and battle against our Delegates in Gym Battles. If victorious using the Challenge system, send through a screenshot and you will earn yourself that respective regionís Gym Badge!

If youíre ready to claim your rightful place, become one of the first eight trainers to beat all three gyms or send through your best Challenge system scores against our Delegates to qualify for our inaugural Championship! The best eight trainers will do battle over 24 hour durations using the Challenge system in intense elimination face-offs, with only one trainer going on to become our very first Pokemon Master! This part of the league is reserved for residents of the hosting regions.

As an inaugural cross-regional event, we are trying to cater to as many nations as possible! Our friendly event organisers, operating from Pokemon Centers, will be more than happy to help you get started in our three main activities. But please also exercise caution: weíve heard rumours that our new league has caught the attention of Team Rocket, an extremely dangerous and rightfully notorious criminal organisation!

Please note: the Forwintrr Beauty Contest and Championship is reserved for resident nations of the hosting regions, however, players who are residents of a host region with at least one nation can now participate through another nation as well. This means that even if your main nation is in a different region, you can still participate using that nation.

Custom Pokemon have been created for all three host regions. National dignitaries and resident trainers alike are able to catch these pokemon with a daily cooldown per region by telegramming the following regional organisers:

Telegram Ruguo in Wintreath to catch the following pokemon:
Laboreal (Ice/Dark) - Link
Kestarmoot (Fairy/Steel) - Link
Winggdrasil (Dragon/Grass) - Link

Telegram Lord Dominator in Forest to catch the following pokemon:
Seussorax (Fairy/Bug) - Link
Erruton (Rock/Ground) - Link
Ransiling (Grass/Fighting) - Link

Telegram Dead I Jack in the Rejected Realms to catch the following pokemon:
Zyonnikat (Psychic/Poison) - Link
Frattarat (Dark/Normal) - Link
Kandykaw (Ghost/Flying) - Link

You can send a telegram requesting a new pokemon from each regionís pool once per day, which can be caught with a 40% probability. Posting on the RMB on the day you're trying to catch a pokemon in that region will improve your chances to 60%, and you can either request to try to catch one of the three pokemon or have it be random.

You can catch these custom pokemon daily in all three regions until 11:59 pm EST on the 24th of May.

If looking to show off your team, you are invited to submit a dispatch about your pokemon and trainer for the inaugural Forwintrr Beauty Contest to your regional organiser! Your regional organisers for the Normal Rank beauty contests are the following: Ruguo for Wintreath, Lord Dominator for Forest, and Dead I Jack for the Rejected Realms.

We encourage participating nations to share a little about their trainer and to then show off their pokemon team; from levels and moves to effort values and personality traits! Weíd even love to see some evolutions for our custom pokemon, as well as you even coming up with your own custom pokemon if youíre up for the challenge!

To help with our vision, we have divided the host regions into the following pokemon types and encourage you to incorporate one of your regionís types when designing custom pokemon so we can all look forward to some truly unique and diverse submissions:

The Rejected Realms: dark, poison, ghost, fire, electric, and psychic
Forest: grass, ground, bug, flying, rock, fairy, and water
Wintreath: ice, dragon, steel, fighting, and normal

Regional polls will be held for each regionís favourite Normal Rank submissions, and the stand-out submissions from each regional poll will then be judged by our event organisers to find our very first Super Rank winner!

Submissions will be closing at 11:59 pm EST on the 24th of May, followed by the regional and event organiser votes.

You are also invited to try your luck against our three Delegate Gym Leaders!

Challenging a gym and earning badges is open to all nations across NationStates. If you are able to finally conquer a gym, which can be done by beating a regionís Delegate using the Challenge system, please send a screenshot of your victory to event organiser Glacikaldr, who will then grant you that regionís Gym Badge. The pages to challenge the Delegate Gym Leaders are linked below.

First, venture into Forest's heavily wooded retreats to battle Delegate Gym Leader Scipio and start your journey, planting your roots to become the very best!

Then your quest will take you to Wintreath's frozen palaces, where you will encounter the joint-Delegate Gym Leaders, and Empresses, Farogúr and Nırraorur in your attempt to conquer the untamable taiga.

You may then be ready to enter the Rejected Realms' portals to the great void and defeat Delegate Gym Leader Deadeye Jack of Malev Town, overcoming the glitch that thrives in the abyss!

But, before all that, you may first want to battle your fellow trainers and others as well to gain Challenge points and levels, evening the playing field with our Delegate Gym Leaders. It is also possible to achieve an upset victory against the Delegate Gym Leaders, claiming their Gym Badge fairly, if you win the first five rounds of the challenge. If this occurs, please be sure to provide proof through a few screenshots to the overseeing event organiser, Glacikaldr.

These temporary gyms will be laying off their staff by 11:59 pm EST on the 24th of May. You will no longer be able to earn Gym Badges after this time.

If youíre up to the challenge, the namesake Forwintrr League is open to eight of the best performing nations - all vying to become our first Pokemon Master!

To qualify for the Forwintrr League's championship, you will need to collect gym badges! Be among the first to battle and defeat the three Delegate Gym Leaders to collect these badges and guarantee a spot in the league! You may also telegram Glacikaldr with your highest rounds won against each gym leader to potentially qualify if they prove just too hard to beat.

Successful nations will then enter into elimination face-offs using the Challenge system. The two nations will have 24 hours to send forth their trainers to challenge each other, and the nation with the highest number of wins will then progress to the next bracket while the other is eliminated from the league.

These nations must provide screenshots showing how many challenges have already happened between the two nations prior to the 24 hours, and will then send screenshots after the 24 hours to confirm who has the most wins. While the winner is being verified, these participating nations must not challenge each other, or risk disqualification.

And, of course, the winner of these battles will be named our very first Pokemon Master!

Qualifications will be closing at 11:59 pm EST on the 24th of May, followed by the elimination play-offs.

We have established Pokemon Centers in all three hosting regions, run by our event organisers. The event organisers are here to support you through this event, from getting involved with catching pokemon to submitting screenshots and evidence over telegrams using URL-creating screenshot software like Gyazo or image hosting sites like Imgur.

For general support on getting involved, and for advice on how to submit screenshots, please reach out to the following event organisers:

For regional support with catching pokemon and entering the beauty contests, please contact your respective regional organiser:

For specific support with gym battles and the championship, please get in touch with organiser Glacikaldr who will be overseeing these activities.

Thank you to the event organisers Ruguo, for all the custom pokemon artwork, and The Church of Satan, for the unique Gym Badges and the event lead-up polls and accompanying story found here! Your creative contributions are sublime!