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Third Edition UDS WA Stats

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The World Assembly Report and Regional Comparisons is a statistics based report intended to track the region's World Assembly membership and endorsements of Delegate Dome Artan. The report is based off statistics generated by a spreadsheet maintained by the region's Delegate and is updated at each Major update. The report will be published weekly following the Monday Major update and the subsequent spreadsheet update. Ultimately the goal of the report will be to track the Union's development of its influence in the World Assembly, done through increasing both it's total memberships and total Delegate endorsements.

The report will also include a Regional Comparisons component as a means of evaluation for the region's progress. The region will be compared to similarly sized peers based on the Regions World Census ranking. Relevant regional Delegate endorsement totals will be displayed with the goal of the region to be favourably compared to these regions. This component will also include the region's current ranking in the World Assembly Endorsements Census for ease of access.

Delegate Endorsements

Non Endorsers

WA Nations

Non WA Nations

136 +11


284 +11

546 +6

Delegate Endorsement Percentage

World Assembly Membership Percentage

47.89% +2.10%

34.22% +0.64%

As we can clearly see from the increases noted in the above tables, it was yet another solid week for increasing the UDS' influence. The Delegate received 11 more endorsements for the second week running and as a result the region received 11 more votes in the World Assembly, up 22 votes from two weeks ago. WA Membership also increased which significantly reduced the increase in Non WA Nations.

Current Average Endorsement Ranking: 32nd
5.11 endorsements per nation

While the graph continues to show little progress for the region against similarly sized regions, the Union's average endorsement ranking saw continued its climb. The region is now ranked 32nd in the world in average endorsements up from 40th last week and 44th from two weeks ago. Keep up the good work Unionists!

Two weeks in to the stats program The Union of Democratic States is still clearly lagging behind other similarly sized regions, there are promising signs of UDS WA culture improving as our average endorsement ranking soars. However now that we as a region are where we are in terms of region size we need to continue to fulfill our new WA potential. To help the region all that needs to be done is joining the World Assembly and then endorsing Delegate Dome Artan.

To join the World Assembly if you have not yet done so simply navigate to the World Assembly and press the button Apply to Join. To officially join the WA you must access the email associated with your NationStates account and click the link in the email sent to you. Now you are in the World Assembly!

The easiest way to increase our region's influence now that you are in the World Assembly is to endorse our regional Delegate. The Delegate votes on resolutions with a vote worth all of their endorsements plus one. This is why it is so crucial to endorse your regional delegate. To endorse the Delegate, or anyone in the region for that matter, go to their nation page by clicking their nation name wherever you find it (such as right here Dome Artan). Now just scroll down to the bottom of their nation page where you will find an Endorse button, click this to endorse that nation. While we definitely want to emphasize endorsing the Delegate, there is no need to stop there. Endorse the rest of the region's World Assembly members and improve our ranking in average endorsements.

Don't hold your endorsements hostage! No one benefits from you not endorsing, in fact you are likely to see an increase in your personal endorsements if you endorse others. Likewise if you are endorsed, endorse back!